It's Owl Good

Or is it.


2. The news

"Excuse me, Mrs. Warner?"

"Yes? How is Emma? Please tell me she'll be okay..."

"Well, I can tell you she is alive and will stay that way. However... there were complications in the surgery."

"Oh my god... is she okay?"

"Yes, Mrs. Warner. But, the branch that went through her body has seriously injured her spine. We couldn't tell right away because of the broken ribs but now that those are being fixed, we found that her spine has been punctured. We did fix it as much as we could, but she will have to go through therapy. We'll have to wait to see when she wakes up."

"When will she wake up?"

"Well she just got out of surgery about a half hour ago so she may just sleep through the night. It is getting late, Mrs. Warner, it's about...9:47pm right now. You're welcome to stay, but if you leave we'll keep you udpated. And... what about Mr. Warner?"

"Oh, we're divorced. I think I'll stay with Emma tonight."

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