The Direction Diaries

Abigail and Lolo are best friends living together in high school. But one thing is different: The girls are both friends with the popular band One Direction. However, in their small town of Aliols, the only people who are fans are Abby, Lolo, and the popular girls.
But when two problems arise between Zayn and a popular girl's question for a date, and Niall is questioned about his friendship with the girls, everything changes. The girls and 1D alike are bullied at every corner, and not just by the popular people.
And as One Direction gets ever more popular, the girls are hurt even more. And not just by their classmates.
NOTE: Adult language


10. The Surprise-Lolo

"Zayn, where are we going anyway?" I asked Zayn as we headed up to his room.

"You'll see. But put this on first. It's gonna be cold." He handed me one of his blankets. Wrapping it around my body, I noticed the blanket smelled just like him. Was this a dream?

Zayn wrapped his arms around me and led me to the balcony outside his room. Stars were shining in the sky as it started to gently snow.

"There's two reasons I invited you all over today. I wanted Abigail to meet your friends, and, well, this." Zayn removed the blanket and wrapped it around both of us. Looking into his eyes sent my heart racing and filled me with hope all at the same time. Should I tell Zayn that I love him? Yes. Now was the time.

"Zayn?" My voice was soft.

"What do you need, Lolo?" I didn't tell him in words. I got closer so our heads were touching. I kissed Zayn on the lips. I could feel Zayn smiling as we kissed.

"I love you, Zayn Malik." It took all of my courage to say those five little words.

"I love you too, Lolo. I love you too." Zayn got closer and kissed me. The snow didn't bother us that night. In fact, I think my heart had melted.

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