The Direction Diaries

Abigail and Lolo are best friends living together in high school. But one thing is different: The girls are both friends with the popular band One Direction. However, in their small town of Aliols, the only people who are fans are Abby, Lolo, and the popular girls.
But when two problems arise between Zayn and a popular girl's question for a date, and Niall is questioned about his friendship with the girls, everything changes. The girls and 1D alike are bullied at every corner, and not just by the popular people.
And as One Direction gets ever more popular, the girls are hurt even more. And not just by their classmates.
NOTE: Adult language


8. The Hope-Abigail

"I need to talk with Abby." I buried my face in my pillow and cried even more. Lolo rubbed my back one last time and went to the door. Niall rushed in without taking off his coat. "Where's Abigail?" He was on the verge of becoming truly crazy.

"She's in the bedroom. But she's crying, so try to be gentle." I could hear Lolo through the door. Niall took off his coat outside the bedroom door and came in.

"Fuck off, Niall." Niall put his hands up in surrender. I was crying really badly.

"I'm not leaving you when you're like this." Niall closed the door and sat next to me. I tried to scoot away from him as much as possible without falling off the bed. "Just lay down. You'll be okay." Niall started rubbing my back. It felt good. I just kept sobbing. "Was there a reason you ran away from me after you kissed me, Abigail?" I didn't want to answer him. "If you won't tell me, I'll just leave." I grabbed onto his shirt.

"Please, don't go. I need you right now." Niall turned around and sat back down.

"Then tell me why you left."

"I...I..." I stammered. "I thought that...that everything comforting you said...was...was all fake and...and you hated me and you were lying to me."

"Why would I hate you, Abigail?" Niall took me in his arms and cuddled me, trying to comfort me and keep me from crying. 

"Because before me and Lolo came here, you told me you were a loser."

"And Makenzie made fun of me and the boys every day. She'd push us, call us names, say we were just a melting pot of gays, she'd get her guy bodyguards to beat us know what happened." Niall ran his hand down my hair, sending shivers down my spine. "I felt like everything changed when you and Lolo first came here. And when me and the boys became superstars, we never forgot you. And we never will forget you."

"Why is that?" Niall took in a breath. Oh, fuck, no, I don't want him to sing, it's too beautiful...

"You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you..." He was singing this not just because it was from one of his songs. He was singing it from his heart. He knew I hated that! "And you'll never treat yourself right, darling, I don't want you to." God, make him stop! I didn't want this! "If I let you know I'm here, for you, maybe you'll love yourself, like I, love you...oh..." He motioned for me to continue. I shook my head no. Niall shook his head yes. I sighed.

"And I've just let these little things slip, out, of my mouth..." It felt good to sing.

"Cause it's you, oh it's you, it's you, they add up to..." Niall's singing was too beautiful.

"And I'm in love with you..." We both sang this time.

"And all these little things," Niall knew that I cried the first time I heard this song, because I knew during the bridge he was singing not just about, but to, me.

"I won't let these little things slip, out, of my mouth, but if I do, it's you, oh, it's you, they add up to, I'm in love with you..." I let Niall finish the last part.

"And all your little things." Niall drew me in to kiss, and I didn't want to refuse. Niall eventually pulled away. "You see? The bridge was written as my special message to you. But you didn't find out until now. I love you, Abigail Waters."

It took me all the courage to say six little words. "I love you too, Niall Horan." 

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