The Direction Diaries

Abigail and Lolo are best friends living together in high school. But one thing is different: The girls are both friends with the popular band One Direction. However, in their small town of Aliols, the only people who are fans are Abby, Lolo, and the popular girls.
But when two problems arise between Zayn and a popular girl's question for a date, and Niall is questioned about his friendship with the girls, everything changes. The girls and 1D alike are bullied at every corner, and not just by the popular people.
And as One Direction gets ever more popular, the girls are hurt even more. And not just by their classmates.
NOTE: Adult language


16. The Concert Fails-Abigail

"Lolo, come look at this! Someone sent us this video of their first concert on the tour!" I called over my best friend.

"Really? I wanna seem I wanna see!" Lolo yelled, plopping down next to me.

"She said something weird's gonna happen." I added as the video started up.

The boys were on stage as the music for 'Through The Dark' started. I noticed Lolo singing along.

As each song finished, I noticed something. The arena was getting darker after each song. And darker...and darker...and darker...

After 'I Would' was finished, the stadium was completely dark. Pitch black.

"What in bloody hell? Did YouTube crash?" Lolo exclaimed.

"No. There's still voices." I guessed. But I was as scared as Lolo was.

All of a sudden, there was a laugh. A laugh we knew all too well.

"Niall, you shouldn't have rejected me." The voice spoke. "You see, I always get what I want. And right now, I want her dead." Me. She was talking about me. "After the tour is finished, you have five days to, one, make her kill herself, two, you, or one of the other boys, have to kill her. Bonus points if you kill the purple-haired girl she calls her best friend."

I watched the boys reacting to the whole thing. They knew who she was, and who she was talking about. Niall's face was frozen in fear.

"If you don't kill her, me and my friends will make you and your friends' lives the worst lives possible. You see, Niall, nothing stands in the way of me. This is what happens when you choose a loser nerd over me."

The stage lights went back on, but no one wanted to continue the concert. I saw Liam go backstage and ask someone for the concert to end.

"We're really sorry to end this so quickly, everybody, but we have to get this sorted out. Because of this, we'll be postponing the tour until we figure out what's going on, and we arrest the girl who made this threat." Liam explained. "Hopefully when we get this sorted out, management will let us restart this tour, and we'll give you another concert, here. Just ask the ticket checker to re-scan them. We'll be going back to the school, okay?" I could tell the fans understood.

I turned to see Lolo, frozen in fear like Niall.



"I don't wanna lose you, Abby!" She broke out in sobs.

"Lolo, don't worry. Niall won't do it. If he does anything, he'll arrest her. Someone who makes death threats have to be arrested. And we know how bad she wants us to die."

"When was this video taken?"

I checked the date. "About a day ago."

Almost as if on cue, there was a knock on our dorm.

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