The Direction Diaries

Abigail and Lolo are best friends living together in high school. But one thing is different: The girls are both friends with the popular band One Direction. However, in their small town of Aliols, the only people who are fans are Abby, Lolo, and the popular girls.
But when two problems arise between Zayn and a popular girl's question for a date, and Niall is questioned about his friendship with the girls, everything changes. The girls and 1D alike are bullied at every corner, and not just by the popular people.
And as One Direction gets ever more popular, the girls are hurt even more. And not just by their classmates.
NOTE: Adult language


13. The Blindfolds-Abigail

"Lolo, I'm nervous."

"Abby, don't worry, you'll be fine." Lolo pushed me forward to the crowd of people that were gathered around the bulletin board. I glanced nervously at the cast list.

The Pirates of Penzance Cast:

Mabel- Emme Hannabl(Understudy: Abigail Waters)

I can live with this. Emme was way more talented than I was. I looked at who would be playing Fredric.

Fredric- Niall Horan(Understudy: Thomas Lawr)

Niall had gotten the role of Fredric? Wow. I was pleased to see that Makenzie was nowhere on the list. 

"Outta my way, bitches!" That voice was too familiar. Makenzie pushed her way through the crowd.

"It's too late, Makenzie. You're not even in the play." I smirked.

"Bullshit! Lemme see!" Her face turned from confidence to sadness, from sadness to anger. "You made a fake one! I knew it!"

"If I had made a fake one, why would I make myself the understudy?" I didn't say anything else, I just walked away. I found Niall walking to the exit. "Niall, you are coming with me. Makenzie's pissed off again." I grabbed his hand and walked out the door with Niall in tow.

"Can you at least tell me your part and mine?"

"I'm the Mabel understudy, Emme's got the main role, and you're Fredric."

"Uh, okay, awesome!"

"Now is not the time, Niall."


I was too scared to check my Facebook or Twitter. News traveled fast in Aliols High, and this would be everywhere. Bracing myself, I clicked on my Facebook. 40 notifications were up. And all of them were hateful.

'Why would Abigail Waters make a fake cast list? Prissy little selfish bitch'

'Some people like Abigail Waters are selfish enough that they make their own cast list. Attention whore alert!'

I swear, if I see a post from Makenzie, it will be the most hypocritical thing that's gonna happen in my whole life. And there was.

'why do ppl liek Abigail Waters evn bother w/ppl liek Niall Horan liek omg ppl hes fuckin famous'

I rolled my eyes. No wonder she fails English class. My phone beeped, signaling two texts. Sliding the reply button brought me to my texts with Lolo.

From: LOLO

i will be @ voice lessons whole day try not to trash the house lol


haha k👌

The second text was from Niall.

From: Nialler

i saw the posts and tweets. complete bs, abby. it's okay. i'll b here 4 u, okay?

To: Nialler

ty niall. knew i could count on u :)

I sighed and threw my phone to the side of me. I thought of the first time I saw Niall when me and Lolo came here. He was getting bullied by the populars. So I stood up for him. Ever since then, we became the best of friends. He was always there alongside Lolo to comfort me when the populars started attacking me as well. And when he and the boys became worldwide famous, he never forgot me. The time when he sang for me...confessed his love...

Wet tears formed at my eyelids and threatened to slide down my face.

Three knocks. Niall. It was like he always knew when I became sad. I raced to the door, and of course, it was Niall. I fell into his arms, the tears in my eyes that threatened were now doing their threat.

"It's okay, Abigail." I started sobbing.

"Ni...Niall..." I said between fits of tears.

"Ssh. It's okay. You're alright." Niall hugged me tightly. "I won't let them hurt you. They're blinded by Makenzie's blindfold she puts over everyone's eyes."


"Makenzie, by being popular, puts an invisible blindfold over everyone because she's 'beautiful'." Niall put beautiful in quotation marks. "Anyway, the blindfold hides her true self: a heartless slut that wants nothing but to be queen and get attention. And a whore."

"And a total bitch." I added, still crying.

"Yes, and that. But there are some people-you, me, the boys, and Lolo-that can see past the blindfold. Some of us had the blindfold, but were strong enough to take it off. And some of us never had the blindfold." He kissed my forehead. "I brought my guitar, since I felt that you'd need to sing to let your nerves out." I nodded. Even though I wasn't entirely sure that I wanted to.

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