The Direction Diaries

Abigail and Lolo are best friends living together in high school. But one thing is different: The girls are both friends with the popular band One Direction. However, in their small town of Aliols, the only people who are fans are Abby, Lolo, and the popular girls.
But when two problems arise between Zayn and a popular girl's question for a date, and Niall is questioned about his friendship with the girls, everything changes. The girls and 1D alike are bullied at every corner, and not just by the popular people.
And as One Direction gets ever more popular, the girls are hurt even more. And not just by their classmates.
NOTE: Adult language


14. Backstage Drama-Abigail

(Yeah...two Abigail chapters in a row)

Not much has happened in the time period when I was working on the musical. She told all of us to come, cause it would really mean a lot to her. I saw Emme and Niall work on their dance moves backstage before they went on. I knew that Emme would be the right one to play Mabel.


"Abigail Waters, where are you?" Our director called.

"Yeah, Ms. Getio?"

"It seems as though Emme is very sick and cannot be at any of the performances. You're gonna have to play Mabel for all four performances."



"It's okay, Abigail. Relax. You've done this a million times." I slowly breathed in and out. "Yes! One!" I sang, coming onto stage at exactly the right time.

"'Tis Mabel!" The people playing daughters sang.

"Yes, 'tis Mabel." 

The music changed.

"Poor wond'ring one! Though ye have surely strayed...take heart of grace, your steps retrace, poor wond'ring one..." All of the lines of music were an absolute breeze, as the daughters formed an oval and as Niall tried to come over to me, Chloe, who was playing Edith, pushed him away and I continued to circle the daughters.

Finally, me and Niall ended up behind my parasol. The crowd applauded, signaling us to lift up one of our legs.

(ha, yeah, my school did this exact same play, and the people playing Mabel and Fredric had to lift up one of their legs so it looked like they kissed behind the parasol)


"Abby, you did so good!"

"Abigail, that was amazing!"

"Did you and Niall actually kiss behind your parasol?" I got lots of compliments from people all around. I mean, one day they were talking behind my back about me being an attention whore, and now, well, this. 

I went back to the choir room to get my coat, when the she-devil arrived.

"Well, if it isn't Makenzie." I teased. "Came back here to beg for my forgiveness?"

"What? No, I just needed to tell Niall something."

"And what's that? The fact that I did a stellar job and that I'm the one for him?" Makenzie's face turned red.

"!" She stormed out of the room. "You remember this, Waters! Niall will be mine!"

"In your dreams." I said to myself and rolled my eyes. No matter how hard Makenzie tried, she was never, ever gonna take Niall away. Sorry, Makenzie, but your blindfolds that you put on us just so happened to be invisible. 





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