Is This Love?

"He slammed me against the wall, and he slowly grind his hips onto mine’ pinning my arms against the wall, he came toward my ear and with his deep raspy voice saying “dare you to say that again”
Catherina is just an 18 year old girl whom is experiencing something she has always dreamt of <3.. Is this true love? Or too good to be true ..?
Read to find out ;) x


39. "Sleep with me" .,

20 minutes later; I felt Harry climbing off my bed.

“Harry?” I said with a low voice.

“I don’t want to be a bother so I’ll just sleep in the guest room” Harry said.

“Go back to sleep” he added.

“No, you’re not a bother, you should sleep with me” I told Harry. “I feel lonely” I joked.

Harry laughed. “Alright” he climbed back on my bed.

I and Harry were facing each other.

“Your so CUTE…baker boy” I told Harry.

“Aww, I like Cats” Harry said.

“Ha, that’s my name for short” I giggled.

I turned my body the opposite way. I felt that harry got more closer to me. I don’t why but I grabbed Harry’s arm and wrapped it around me.

I heard Harry chuckle, and he moved closer to me and wrapped his arm more tightly around me.

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