Is This Love?

"He slammed me against the wall, and he slowly grind his hips onto mine’ pinning my arms against the wall, he came toward my ear and with his deep raspy voice saying “dare you to say that again”
Catherina is just an 18 year old girl whom is experiencing something she has always dreamt of <3.. Is this true love? Or too good to be true ..?
Read to find out ;) x


3. My eyes had gone WiDE OPEN'

My eyes had gone WIDE OPEN! I turned around to take a look and I’ve seen his gorgeous face I was so speechless I just covered my mouth in shock; he smiled and said “Oh wow. Err... Hey gorgeous” Oh my god his accent is so SEXY!

“OH MY GOD! HELLO! I-I mean Hi. No uhh AH! You’re Harry! Like Styles! From 1D! The curly hair boy with the sexy dimples! No Way! I love you, so much! I Love One Direction! Bu-But you’re my favorite..!” I screamed. I was shaking. You couldn’t imagine how excited I was.

Harry’s face was in shock, he was speechless. My mom gave me a confused face.

“I mean Hey Dude what’s up? Big Fan Big Fan” I was pretending to be cool (failed).

Harry giggled and had a big grin and said “Ha-ha well Hello Love!” and winked at me. He winked at ME! OMG<3

“Oh and Pshh! Mom I don’t even have lots of posters in my room. I just have one or two” hiding the fact that I have THOUSANDS! (;

“Hmm…Ok Hun well the interview is going to start so please don’t get in the way; its live” my Mom said.

“Got it” I said. “Hey Harry what happened to the rest of the boys?” I added.

“Niall is in a funeral, Zayn couldn’t make it, Liam is sick, and Lou took a day off for Eleanor” said Harry. “I just came here because I was free so why not do this interview? Your mom is one of my favorite interviewers anyways” Harry added.

“Oh Okay” I said; I smiled all cheesy about it, Ah! He’s so attractive!

While I was walking up stairs, all I heard was Harry saying “Your daughter Catherina is beautiful ma’am”

“Don’t try anything Harry” My mom joked. I couldn’t help but smile. I can’t believe this is happening. I closed the door to my room and I was blasting to 1D music. Full Blast; with my speakers.

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