Is This Love?

"He slammed me against the wall, and he slowly grind his hips onto mine’ pinning my arms against the wall, he came toward my ear and with his deep raspy voice saying “dare you to say that again”
Catherina is just an 18 year old girl whom is experiencing something she has always dreamt of <3.. Is this true love? Or too good to be true ..?
Read to find out ;) x


22. "Let me kiss you"

Anyways; we got in the car and Harry started driving away from the house.

“No radio?” I said looking at Harry.

“Of course” Harry said; he turned on the radio and ‘Kiss You’ came on. Harry was about to change it, maybe it’s awkward for him hearing his own song. I slapped his hand.

I looked at him and sang “ OH I JUST WANNA TAKE YOU ANY WHERE THAT YOU LIKE! YOU COULD GO OUT ANYDAY ANYNIGHT BABY I’LL TAKE YOU THERE TAKE YOU THERE BABY I’LL TAKE YOU THERE YEAHHH!” I looked at him wanting him to sing his line. He sighed and said “ Tell me tell me how to turn your love on you could get an-anything that you want baby just SHOUT IT OUT SHOUT IT OUT baby just shout it out yeahh”

I was just humming the rest of the song until Zayn && Niall’s part came on, it was a red light and I sang to Harry “Oh Baby baby just so you know you got what I need, damn baby you look so good from your head to your feet come on come over here over here come on over here yeahh, Oh Harry I just want to show you off to ALL of my friends make them drool out of there chiny chin chins, if I didn’t have a boyfriend I’ll tell you ‘baby me mine tonight mine tonight baby be mine tonight yeah”

Harry started to crack up; “really? Oh now I know how you feel” he winked at me.

“Ha no Don’t get too excited” I joked. We started listening to Ed Sheeran’s album all the way to downtown, when I got there I seen a whole crowd coming towards Harry’s car.

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