Is This Love?

"He slammed me against the wall, and he slowly grind his hips onto mine’ pinning my arms against the wall, he came toward my ear and with his deep raspy voice saying “dare you to say that again”
Catherina is just an 18 year old girl whom is experiencing something she has always dreamt of <3.. Is this true love? Or too good to be true ..?
Read to find out ;) x


1. Dear,Diary

As I was walking downstairs; I heard my mom saying “put those cameras on that side of his face. Thank you” So I went downstairs and I’ve seen the back of a guy’s head, his hair was brown and curly and I’m guessing its side swept. My mom is one of the most well-known interviewers, so it must be someone important on my couch. In fact that guy looks familiar (still getting the view of the back of his head).

Oh well to start off my name is Catherina, I’m 18. I have light freckles on my cheek, and I also have thin long dark brown hair; Stops at the bottom of my chest as you can say. I’m also light skinned too.

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