The Forbidden Love

Alyssa is a strong independent girl with a few issues..she is bi polar, depressed, has anxiety but is extremely enthusiastic. She is bisexual and atheist. Her mother and stepfather hate her for that but what they hate even more is her choice of friends and boyfriend. They love each other and her fiends Ana and Ashely and father Keith do whatever they can to let them see each other. Read more to see what happens in this crazy story.



WARNING THIS GETS DIRTY: read at your own risk ;)


Ana's POV


As- "alrighty well I see your little boy toy so I'll see you laterrrr byeeeeee" she hugged me tight and ran away.

I walked over to my boyfriend Alex and gave him a big hug and kissed him.

An- "I love you babyyy"

Al- "I love you too babysorious"

We held each others hands and walked back go my house. Once we came up I the front of me house I realized my parents cars weren't there. I told Alex to wait outside and unlocked the front door,

An- "ANYONE HOME?!?!" I yelled but got no answer so I checked my brother and sister room- nothing. Then my parents room- no one. No one was home. I guess that means Alex can stay, so I yell to Alex that he can come in.

Al- "where is everyone?"

An- "no ones home.." I say then bite my lip. He sees me and smirks, I just blush then he cups my cheek with his hand pulls me close to him with his other hand then kisses me hard.


Alex's POV:


I moved my hand down to her ass and grabbed it hard then bit her lip.

I pick her up and push her against the wall and starts to kiss her neck.

I grind my crotch up against hers and when I hear her moan I lose it.

I put her down and rip off her shirt then takes off mine. I pick her up and bring her to her room, she stops and looks at me.

An- "Strip. Now."

Al- "Yes ma'am" I say and wink at her. I undo my jeans and pull them off then slowly slides off my boxers just to tease her. She bites her lip and tells me to knock it off, I just let my boxers fall to the ground and she unclips her bra then takes off her pants and panties. I feel myself grow harder as I look at her perfect naked body, all the little curves she has just in the right places.

I came up to her and held her hand then walked her over to her bed, she leaned up and kissed me then I laid her down on her back. I got on top of her then started kissing her neck, she moaned a little then pulled on my hair. I bit her neck gently causing her to tilt her head back letting me have more access to her sweet spot.

I put my tip at her entrance than she reached down and stopped me.

An- "do you have a condom?"

Al- "yeah one sec I forgot it"

I run over to my jeans across the room and grab the condom out of my front pocket then came back to bed. I bit my lip and put the condom on my throbbing cock slowly just to tease her, she hates when I do this. I slowly got on top of her, she guides me to her soaked pussy. I slowly slide my tip in causing her back to arch and once she moaned I pushed myself all the way in.

We both moaned each other's names and I started to move my hips starting friction between our bodies, she started to scratch my back which made me move faster then I lost it. I started to go as fast as I could and she arched her back letting me go deep inside of her.

She moaned so loud which turned me on so much, I could feel myself getting close and I knew she was too because she was breathing heavily. I leaned down and kissed her rough, she moaned loud into our kiss which let me know she came, I quickened my pace and screamed her name as I came. I collapsed on top of her and kissed her neck gently our breathing was heavy and I slid myself out of her slowly then took off the condom and threw it in the trash.

Then she snuggled up against my chest and I held her close to me.

Al- "I love you Ana" I whispered in her ear.

An- "and I love you Alex" she said then fell asleep in my arms, soon after that I fell asleep to.

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