The Forbidden Love

Alyssa is a strong independent girl with a few issues..she is bi polar, depressed, has anxiety but is extremely enthusiastic. She is bisexual and atheist. Her mother and stepfather hate her for that but what they hate even more is her choice of friends and boyfriend. They love each other and her fiends Ana and Ashely and father Keith do whatever they can to let them see each other. Read more to see what happens in this crazy story.


3. Beginning

Alyssa POV:

"YOU IDIOT YOU HAVE TO GET THE FUCK UP ITS MONDAY!!!" Moms yelling again. I groan and roll over onto my stomach.

"But everyone makes fun of me I don't want to go." I mumble into my pillow. She grabs my shoulder and pushes me onto my back.

"Does it look like I care? You have to go to school understood?"

I nod and sit up. She leaves my room and slams the door shut. I smile to myself now that she's gone.

I walk over to my dresser and sit on the floor as I grab a black pair of skinny jeans and a navy blue tank top then I walk over to my closet and grab my grey sweat shirt then grab my clothes and throw them onto my bed I get my cute grey bra with dark grey flower prints on it and my black panties. I slip off my black booty shorts and take off my sports bra then put on my clothes for the day.

I make my bed quickly then grab a pair of socks and run downstairs. I put my socks on as I'm running down the hall to the kitchen and almost fall, I grab a breakfast bar and run to the front door where my back pack and combat boots are. I put on my boots and realize I forgot my phone. I run back upstairs into my room grab my black iPhone off my night stand next to a picture of me and my brother. I kiss the picture and slide my phone in my back pocket and go back downstairs then grabs my back pack.

"Mom!! I'm leaving for school bye!!"

I say and run out the door. I see my best friends at the end of the road waiting for me. My mom hates them because they "brought me into the wrong crowd" so they're not allowed near my house but we still walk to school together.

"Sup babyyy" Ashely says and puts her arm around my shoulder and kisses my cheek. Our normal greeting. I laugh and say "just the usual. Satins mistress yelling at me to wake up." Ana laughs a little and we keep walking, Ashley and I holding hands and my arm around Ana's waist. 'These girls are the best' I think to myself.

We end up getting to school just on time, everyone is walking in and we meet our principal yelling at some sluts Gracyn and Brea for wearing insane booty shorts and crop tops. My friends and I just roll our eyes.

"Looks like Mr. Anderson doesn't like scrawny legs" I say and laugh,

"Of course he doesn't! He's gay you dumbass!" Ana says. We all just laugh and walk to our lockers, I put in my combination and grab my chemistry books. Since I'm in honor classes I don't get to really see my friends until lunch. I say bye and that I love them and walk to my chemistry room. Time for Mr. Ward to teach us some good old science! I sit down in my normal seat in the back of the room, of course I'm the first one here because everyone loves taking their time. I see Ana and Ashley in the door way and so does Mr. Ward...

(W= mr. Ward



W- "what are you two doing here? You're not in my class."

An- "yeah we know but we just wanted to say something to Alyssa"

W- "i'm sorry ladies class is about to start you have to leave." He reaches his arm to close the door but--

As- "yeah one sec" Ashely pushes her way into the room and stands in the front then sits on Mr. Wards desk. She's not very shy. By this time the whole class is here.

As-" alright everyone I just want to say that my friends Alyssa, Ana and I all hate you. I LOVE YOU ALYSSA DONT DIE!!!" She says then her and Ana run out of the room laughing. Everyone turns around in their seats and stare at me. I blush and slowly sink into my seat, god I wish I could be invincible right now...

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