The Forbidden Love

Alyssa is a strong independent girl with a few issues..she is bi polar, depressed, has anxiety but is extremely enthusiastic. She is bisexual and atheist. Her mother and stepfather hate her for that but what they hate even more is her choice of friends and boyfriend. They love each other and her fiends Ana and Ashely and father Keith do whatever they can to let them see each other. Read more to see what happens in this crazy story.


4. Bathroom break

So class went fine other than the fact that it was completely boring and I already knew what he was teaching. I walked out of class and felt my phone buzzing in my back pocket. I knew exactly who it was so I ran to the closet bathroom. I went into a stale and answered my phone.

(J= Jason A=Alyssa)

J- "hey baby what's up?"

A- "I'm in school! You know that, I have to go to class I love youuu"

J- "I love you t--"

I hung up before he could even finish. God he was so cute, he always called me during school to check on me. After I slipped my phone into my back pocket I heard the door open so I flushed the toilet to make it sound like I was using the bathroom. I walked out and see the one and only Gracyn. She eyed me up and down and made a face of disgust. I just ignored her and washed my hands then realized my hair didn't look all that great so I put it up in a messy bun and grabbed some black eye liner out of my back back and put some on.

(G=Gracyn A=Alyssa)

G- "my goodness, do you really have to put all of that shit on your face? You already look bad enough" she laughed to herself and started taking selfies. I straightened up, put my eye liner in my back and turned to her,

A- at least I don't look like you because if I did make up- no, nothing would make me look as good as I do now." I smiled at her and walked out of the bathroom and to my next class, thank god I wasn't in there for long. People are still heading to class, time for Two more classes to go.

~lunch time~

Ana's POV:

An- "I can't believe you said that.."

As- "said what?" She smirked at me.

An- "said that we hated everyone in Alyssa's class. I mean did you see her face?? She was mortified!"

As- "yeah I I feel bad."

Right after Ashley said that I saw Alyssa walking over to us with just a water bottle. She doesn't usually eat lunch because she feels fat if she does. Her mother makes her feel this way, it's horrible. She always calls her fat and a slut. But Alyssa is beautiful! She has the perfect body and best personality. Her boyfriend is so lucky. Whoops here she is I need to stop thinking.

(A=Alyssa An=Ana As=Ashely)

A-"hello vagina lovers"

As- "Heyyy hoe"

An- "hi"

A- "so..Ash, thanks for the little introduction in chem."

As- "yeah about that, sorry ha.." Ashley looked at her hands in her lap really nervous because well Alyssa is pretty violence when she's pissed off.

A- "hey I'm not mad, it was actually pretty funny but I hated that everyone looked at me."

An- "you hate when anyone looks at you, even your boyfriend. Especially when you guys do the dirty" I smirk and wink at her, she blushes and shakes her head.

A- "you both know I'm still a virgin and that him and I have only made out."

An- "yeah yeah I know I just like teasing you because you sooo want the D"

Alyssa's POV:

Sometimes I hated Ana for telling the truth because honestly I did want to do more than make out with Jason. I mean he's so hot and I know he'll be gentle on me but I don't think he wants to do anything yet. I'll have to ask Alex. Him and I have been friends since the 6th grade, and he's like best friends with Jason so it'll be okay. We all started talking about weird sex and what happens when guys watch porn, we couldn't stop laughing and people stared but it wasn't new to us because we were weird and we enjoyed it because it was who we are.

~end of school~

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