The Forbidden Love

Alyssa is a strong independent girl with a few issues..she is bi polar, depressed, has anxiety but is extremely enthusiastic. She is bisexual and atheist. Her mother and stepfather hate her for that but what they hate even more is her choice of friends and boyfriend. They love each other and her fiends Ana and Ashely and father Keith do whatever they can to let them see each other. Read more to see what happens in this crazy story.


7. After school with Des

Ashley's POV:

After Ana left with her boy toy I saw my beautiful girlfriend, Desiree. She was walking up the side walk and didn't see me yet so I dropped my bag and ran up I her then picked her up and twirled her around. All she did was giggle and that made my heart melt. She is so damn perfect.

I set her down on her feet gently and cupped her left cheek with my right hand then kissed her. Her soft amazing lips against mine sent shivers down my spine. We ended up walking back to my house holding hands, strangers gave us weird look but we kissed to piss them off even more. It was so funny. Once we got back to my house my mom was running out the front door saying, well more like yelling:

"You two have to watch Seanie!!"

That's my little pain in the ass of a brother. I'm the middle child of the family, I have a 6 year old little brother Seanie, 10 year old sister Taylor and 22 year old sister Brianna. Brianna and I are pretty close but the others and I don't really get along. Anyway, we took our bags out to the back yard and walked out to the deck over the lake, which is my backyard. It was about 4 o'clock and Desiree had to leave in an hour. Sean came running down the little hill with a scrape on his knee, he was crying and screaming 'it's all your fault!' Now how is that my fault? I have no idea. I took Sean inside and fixed up his knee. Once I was done it was 4:45, it took so long because Sean kept making a big deal about everything and was arguing with me. It was truly annoying.

Desiree came running into the kitchen where I was with my little brother and was panting.

As-"what's wrong??" I said getting out of my chair. She jut motioned me to sit back down so I did but I was cautious.

D-"dad said I could stay the night if it was okay with your parents."

Right when she said that a big smirk came onto my face, so I texted my mo asking if Des could sleep over and 5 minutes later mom replied saying, "yea no problem"

This is going to be a fun night ;)

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