Love by chance

Mary Beth was a typical 18 year old when one day her life takes a turn for the better. Mary Beth and her friends, Adaline and Ella, go on adventure seeking to meet their idols, one direction...

Will love be discovered? Or will tragedy pull lovers apart?


2. the plane

Mary Beth point of view

We arrived at the airport at 2:10 the boys were scheduled to land at 2:15.

"We have to run, we are all the way in west wing and the boys are landing in the east wing!!!" I screamed.

"Hurry!!" Adaline screeched.

"Run!!!" Ella added. The three of us ran and ran and ran. We began to see a ton of fans blocked up behind gates. All of sudden, we see the 5 boys. The 5 boys! The 5 boys!!!!

The boys were literally coming off one plane, taking 2 steps, and getting on another. Surprisingly, all of the guards were pushing back fans, and there was no one blocking the entrance to the second plane!!

I suddenly grabbed Ella and Adaline's hands and we slipped through the entrance just as it as closing and no one noticed!!!



So sorry this chapter was so short, when I was transferring this chapter, I messed up and it got deleted!!!! So I write a quick summary, I apologize!

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