My New (Step) Brother

Amber (A big directioner) comes home to her moms after spending the summer at her fathers. This time her mom has a boyfriend who came with a child of his own. The one and only Louis Tomlinson. What will happen as a new life and new family is pushed at her. Will she welcome them with open arms or will she run away?

---- Thanks to CorkyPorky for making our cover, it's awesome!


7. Park Time

The door clicked behind me as I sent send to the text to my mom. Letting her know where we're going. Evelyn looped arms with me as half the guys were in front pushing and playing around with each others while Zayn and Liam, walked behind us.

I looked back, Liam was looking at me as I quickly looked away. He was looking at me. I tried not to smile.

"I saw that." Eve whispered.

I tried even more not to smile.

"What's funny?" Louis asked.

"Nothing!" Eve and I said at the same time.

I tried to push the heat from my face.

Looking back over my shoulder I see Liam's smile growing, spreading across his face.

Louis gave us an odd look.

Once we entered the park, one of the boys kicked the ball right at me. I kicked it hard. Flying it across the playground to the field.

"Nice." I few voices say.

Letting go of Evelyn's arm I took off running to the field. I grabbed the ball, right a way Harry took it from my hands. Some how we ended up playing keep the ball away from the girls. So, far the boys' were good at it. Niall has the ball. The other guys were blocking Eve; as it turns out she's a bit better at the game then me.

I gave Niall a look. He raised an eyebrow at me. Before I even thought about it I reached and ripped the ball from his hands. Turing in a blink of an eye, I ran.

A pair of arms locked around me.

"Eve!" I yelled.

The arms were strong, whomever it was smelt nice in a way of aftershave and some other thing I wasn't sure of.

Next thing I knew two more guys were now blocking me. I see that Evelyn is open so I tossed the ball as hard as I could. Reaching up she grabbed it; then took off running.

The arms around me was still tight, they didn't let go. Whomever it was picked me up and spun me around. The arms lifted me and I held tight so I wouldn't fall. The smile upon my face grow as I looked up. My eyes meet with a pair of brown eyes. It was Liam his smile brighten.

My hand was holding, still, on to his wrist.


Wam! The ball smacked me in the back of the head. It caught me off guard, tossing me into Liam.

"Oh." I said, looking up at Liam.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

In that moment it felt as if it was just the two of us.

"Amber, are you alright?" Louis said.

Pulling me towards him.

I rubbed the back on my head.


"I think you should sit down, for a bit." An Irish voice filled my ears.

"Good idea." I said.

I made my way towards the swings. I sat. Looking back to the field where my (hopefully) new step brother, best friend and the other members of the worlds biggest boy band were playing. Letting my head lay on the cool chains I shut my eyes. A few minutes later, I open them, looking back at the group. Noticing that someone was missing. Liam. Where did he go?

I looked right, and to my surprise he was sitting on the swing next to me.

"Oh, there..."

"I wanted to make sure you're okay, you had your eyes closed and..."

"Yea, just a bit of a headache coming on." I said, then adding "Do you know who kicked the ball?"

"I wasn't paying attention to the game, you distracted me." Liam said, he still was smiling.

The smile placed itself across my face.

The buzz of my phone forced me to look away. Pulling it out a text from my mom highlighted my phone telling us we need to head home, as they wanted to take us all out for dinner tonight and that we needed to get ready.

“We need to go!” I called out to the others.

“My mom wants to take us all out for dinner tonight.” I said to Liam.

“Where are we going?” Evelyn asked as she walked up.

“My mom wants to take us out for dinner.”

Niall's face brightened.

“All of us?” Niall asked.

“Yes.” I giggled.

We began to leave that park. Zayn was walking next to me.

“Zayn, did you see who kicked the ball that hit me in the head?”

“Yea, Louis did.”

“Really?” I said.

I know for a fact that Louis is great at the whole kicking ball, soccer, football stuff.

So, how was it that he kicked me in the head and not meant it?


(Written by KayCee K.)

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