My New (Step) Brother

Amber (A big directioner) comes home to her moms after spending the summer at her fathers. This time her mom has a boyfriend who came with a child of his own. The one and only Louis Tomlinson. What will happen as a new life and new family is pushed at her. Will she welcome them with open arms or will she run away?

---- Thanks to CorkyPorky for making our cover, it's awesome!


5. Not a Dream

Standing under the water for a few more seconds, letting the warm water run over me. Trying not to think about Liam seeing me in my Pjs or the fact that he and the others were here for the day; I'm hoping for longer. I wanted my mind to be all clear before I would see them, see him. But who was I kidding, they're always on my mind.

Shutting off the water, then stepping out. Hearing a pounding on the bathroom door. Wrapping my hot pink towel around me tightly, as I don't know who's on the other side, I open it to find Evelyn.

“So, while you took a extremely long shower, I fell asleep on your bed and had the craziest dream ever.” She was smiling, as if she was remembering it. She had a dreamy look upon her face. She's cute with her brunette hair, cinnamon red lip, and honey eyes sitting on my bed in some Black skinny jeans and a 5SOS tank-top.

“Let me guess, you were heading up my stairs when you see Louis standing at the top?”

She looks at me weirdly. “How did you know? I just dreamed it.”

I start to get dressed in my red plaid skinny jeans and Maroon5 shirt. Should I tell her? I should, though this is not how she wanted to meet Louis.

Brushing out my hair, Evelyn comes over and starts braiding it. She loves braiding it, while I like it loose and free, but I gave up on fighting over how my own hair should be.

“It wasn't a dream, that's how I know.” She pulled my hair. Then looking in the mirror, she raises an eyebrow.

“You mean that's how Louis really saw me, for the first time?” Her face was horrified. I felt bad for her. We would spend hours talking about all the different ways we could meet the guys, this wasn't one of them, but hey, I'm not going to complain.

“I have something to tell you.” I said, pulling my hair from her hands turning to face her. "My mom is dating Louis Tomlinson's dad. 

Eve looks down at me blankly, what I was telling her is either to much to comprehend or just another one of her dreams.

"Do you need a minute? You can keep doing my hair if you want." I look up at her still holding my hair while she slowly starts coming back to earth. She reaches for my hair and I turn around again while she starts to braid it once more.

"So if his dad and your mom got married you two would be brother and sister? I would be best friends with one of One Direction's sister's? This is so totally awesome!"

"OWWW!" Eve looked at me apologetically.

"Oops sorry, guess I got a little carried away." She continued to braid while humming Stole My Heart. Soon I hear the front door open and hear a familiar British accent.

"We got food so you better be hungry"

"Are you ready?" I ask Evelyn and she nods her head.



(Written by KayCee K.)

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