My New (Step) Brother

Amber (A big directioner) comes home to her moms after spending the summer at her fathers. This time her mom has a boyfriend who came with a child of his own. The one and only Louis Tomlinson. What will happen as a new life and new family is pushed at her. Will she welcome them with open arms or will she run away?

---- Thanks to CorkyPorky for making our cover, it's awesome!


11. Can't Believe

"He's madly in love with me?" Eve said, smiling wide.
"In your dream…"
"He is." She smiled dream like.
"Eve, I'm not joking."
"Okay, okay."
"I heard him out back with Liam, Lou was saying how I'm off limits."
"Yeah. Like he has a say."
"Don't tell me you agree."
"No, but he is your brother and that it his band so…"
"Whatever. I can date whoever I want. Plus he is technically not my brother yet."
"Who do you wanna date?" I turned to see my mom.
"Date? Who's talking about dating?" Louis came in next.
"No one." I said.
"I was talking to Eve…something."
"What are you guys talking about?" Liam walked over.
"Amber dating." Louis said.
My face when red with anger, with embarrassment, probably both.
"God, whatever. I was talking to Eve and Eve only." I brush past Louis smacking my shoulder into him.
I flopped down on the couch.
"What's wrong?" this was Harry.
"Sure. Come on."
"If you most know, nosey." I looked at him. He was looking at me.
"I overheard someone talking and didn't like was that person was saying."
"Well, whatever they said can't be that bad." He reached up and placed some of my loss hair behind my ear. I just looked at him.
"Harry!" Louis called. Harry jumped.
"Comin' mate." He looked back at me before following Louis.
"Can I have this dance?" I looked up to see me mom standing there.
"You may." I smile. Her and I dance but then Troy cut in and Eve came and danced with me. A few of us had more the just one cup. We all took turns dancing. Until my mom and Troy went to bed. Eve and I went to bed next.
"Goodnight guys."
"Can I come?" It was Harry.
I laughed. "And me!" Niall chipped in.
"Don't forget me!" Liam added. Me and Eve giggled.
"What about you Louis?" She asked.
This caught if us off guard. It went quite. I pulled Eve up the stairs with me.
"I can not believe you said that." I giggled.
We laid down five minutes later my bedroom door opened followed by all the guys. Everyone piled up on the bed. I felt someone grab my hand, I looked, it was Liam. The someone took my other hand it was Harry. I swallowed hard and closed my eyes trying to go to sleep. 



(Written by KayCee K.)

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