Bestfriends and the boys.

Hannah, Kali & Jordan are best friends with Niall, Liam, Harry, Zayn and Louis. Everything's perfect until arguments start and accidents happen. Will they make it through or fall apart.



Jordan wakes up to hear Harry and Liam in the other room talking. She walks out and looks left and Harry is making coffee and waffles. Liam is in a bathrobe sitting at the table reading a book.

Jordan walks back into her room to wake up Hannah and tell her. She walks out into the kitchen and see's Harry with a tray of waffles and coffee ready just for her. They walk into the living room and start eating.

Liam walks over to Jordan and kisses her on the cheek. "Morning love." Liam says.

"Where are the rest of the boys?" She asked.

Just as she said that Louis walks out of the bathroom soaking wet with ONLY a towel around his waste.

"Where the heck is my food?" Louis says joking .

"You can make it your self boo bear!" She said laughing. Louis punches her in a flirty kind of way so she squirts him with water and they end up in a huge water fight. Just then Kali walks in.

"Get a room!!" She shouts. Louis looks aways, smiles then blushes. Kali looks over and sees Hannah and Harry in the other room being all cute and realizes that she might be forever alone. Just then Niall walks in with messy hair and in a flannel and jeans.

"Well, I'm done mowing the lawn!" Niall say exhaust. He sits down next to Liam.

"Jordan do you want to go for a walk?" Louis asks.

"Sure Louis!" Jordan replies. Niall looks over and sees Kali washing the dishes and thinks that he should finally ask her on a date.

Liam starts getting a little sad since Harry has a girl, Niall obviously likes Kali and Louis taking the girl he's in love with for a walk. He walks into the other room and starts to daydream about what like would be like if he had Jordan for his own.

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