The Things We Regret

There was some things that I wish I could've said to you... but it's to late now. But if you ever see this I love you ~ Ashton xoxo


1. Chapter 1

( Ashton's p.o.v)

      She matters to me. That's all I can think about her, and only her, and how much I wanna be with her. I love her hugs, the smell of her is contagious. I wanna hold her forever in my arms. Her eyes.. you could get lost in them forever. Her smile is brighter then anybody elses I have seen in my entire life, but little does she know is that I like her... no wait... i'm in love with that girl. She's beautiful & all I can think about is her. The way she chews her food, sings in the shower, the way she acts around people, the way she walks, the way she runs, all of her insecurities also is what I love about her. So many things running through my mind, but so little I would say to her. I just sit there smiling like an idiot, as she continues to be the most randomest person alive. We skype or facetime every day, I don't care which as long as I get to see her and talk to her even if it is for the shortest amount of time. Oh and I forgot to add the way she sleeps is also what I love about her. The way she always trys her hardest to let me see the bad things about her when honestly I don't care about the bad things. I will always love everything about her. Even how clumsy & uncoordinated she is at most things. I will love that. I don't just love her for her looks, I love her for who she is inside she has the most wonderful personality in the world. She is perfect even if she doesn't see it. I see way past her flaws, because they are beautiful too. I've seen this girl at her darkest times, when she has cryed her self to sleep, when she thinks the whole world hates her, but I still love her. She matters, she really is the only one that matters to me. If I lost this girl.. I would surely be dead by now. I couldn't make it without her.

( Sarah's P.O.V)

    I laugh at my best friend. He's always been there for me since the beginning and I trust him with all my heart. He's seen the wildest side of me, & the saddest side of me. There's only one thing I wish I could tell him, but I can't i'm scared he will judge just like everybody else does. I cut. Not not for attention. To know that I am alive, because fucking society is a bitch and doesn't care about me or my feelings. Society is an achor, and I am tied down with it at the bottom of the ocean. I'm so depressed.  Not sad. Depressed.. depression is like your drowning but you can see everyone else around you breathing. I honestly think I'm dead inside, but I fake a smile everyday and move on with life, but when the only person who can make me smile when I don't think i'll ever smile again is my best friend Ashton. I'm just so scared to tell him. He will think I'm a disappointment. Which to be true I really am, but I don't want him to think that & it will probably screw up our friendship and he will never look at me or think of me the same way again. I just it's to complicated. I couldn't live without him. As the night gets darker, and my eyelids began to get heavy. I fall asleep on him as he sits there watching me sleep behind a camera. I fall asleep thinking about him and smiling because he's the only thing that could make my day better. He basically saved me.

Author's note; Sorry for the short chapter I'll post longer ones very soon! (: Thank ya tell me what you think about this comment belowww (: 

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