Winter when it Matters

Anyone can become a warrior, I learned the hard way. This is my story, the time I became a hero, made my enemies and fell in love. Maybe I can keep every thing in balance.


2. In the Beginning of Summer

In the Beginning of Summer

            Lindsey is a simple young teenage girl. About five foot seven, oily black hair and glowing yellow eyes. Yes, her eyes were a bit unusual but lots of people were unusual in her town. This is because half of the population were werewolf's. Lindsey was half in half, her mom, whom Lindsey called Maman (french for mother) was a werewolf and Lindsay's father was a human and Lindsey called him Papa.

           Lindsey's family lived on a small hill in a town called Hamonton  Outscores. The town was small, it was a place where everyone knew everyone. Lindsey never complained about living in Hamonton but she was always hoping her father would come home one evening and say in his deep friendly voice, 

           "Girls, pack your bags we need to leave this town and move to a place where we can start living for real!" But he never did, he would come home slouch down on the worn down red couch and sigh, but not a sad sigh, a happy one that was glad to be home.

          Lindsey longed to move away from Hamonton but she could not. The law of Bana, the country Lindsey lived , said no werewolf or half - werewolf is to leave Hamonton and if one does leave he/she will be captured and killed. One day Lindsey vowed to risk her life to free the werewolf population and live in the big central city, Marentario. 

        Lindsey was sitting in that tiny house on the hill right now, looking out the window of the kitchen day dreaming about Marentairo and how she would meet her true love and they would be in love for ever. The door in the main room creaked open, Papa was home. Lindsey ran into the main room where her father was already in his natural position on the worn down red couch, sighing. 

         "Hi, Papa," Lindsey said calmly taking her fathers work bag and placing it gently in the corner, " How was our day? Mine was fine of course. Just here making dinner, your favorite, mushroom stew. Um, Papa are you willing to hear a crazy story?" 

       "Lindsey dear, I would love to hear your story after I have some your delicious stew," Papa chuckled, licking his lips.

        "Of course, Papa coming right up, how would you like your stew, with a biscuit?"

        "How ever you want to serve it, my beautiful daughter!" Lindsey gave her father a bowl of steaming hot stew and a buttered biscuit. "My this is delicious! How is it every day you manage to cook me a delicious dinner and do all the chores around the house, you are a wonderful daughter to your old man," said Papa looking up at Lindsey with his big hazel eyes. Lindsey's Papa always talked to Lindsey this way this time of year.

        It was summer and in the summer Maman was always away with her family in the woods. Since in the summer the moon was out almost every night Maman had to move away for the safety of the family. Lindsey knew one day she would have to leave every summer, just like her mother does now.  

      "Papa are you ready to hear my crazy story?" Lindsey said looking at her father as she sat next to her him on the couch.

    " Okay honey, hit me," said Papa in his deep voice running his fingers threw his black hair. 

     " Okay Papa, it starts with a young girl about my age. She's a half-vampire and she lives a small town and longs to leave, to become a person everyone knows and looks up to. So she goes out of her town, risking her live to free her vampire population and she goes on a crazy quest and in the end she does and everyone is so grateful she falls in love and yeah so I know that's not the most convincing story but Papa I want to do the same thing because, I know  I can because I'm your daughter. Please Papa I want to so bad,"  Lindsey took her fathers hands in hers, " Please."

       "Lindsey, I love you more then the world but there is no way I would ever let you go and die for this town. And if I did let you go what would your mother say if you were gone. I would never forgive myself!"Papa got up off the couch going up to his and Maman's bed room, leaving Lindsey thinking, 

      I don't care what you say,Papa. I'm going out of Hamonton. Tonight. And there's nothing you can do.

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