No Control

Violet knew Niall since they were just little kids but she never got a chance to see him due to their opposing schedules. When Violet and her best friend, Alex, go to Orlando to visit Violet's Dad, she gets a text from Niall saying that they should join him and the boys at Orlando.


3. Welcome Back

Alex's P.O.V.

I woke up to a phone call. I fumbled around till I finally felt my phone, and I picked it up. "Hello?" I sleepily mumbled, rubbing my eyes. "Wake up sleepy head." Niall's voice rang through the phone. "What time is it?" I asked, laughing. "11 AM." He answered. "Fuck." I murmured. "I'm guessing you girls aren't ready." He chuckled. "You're wrong, Horan! I'm ready." Violet yelled so Niall can hear. "Well I guess you're just not ready." I could feel Niall's smile. "It only takes a second, we'll see you in a couple minutes, Niall." I replied. "Can't wait." He said before the call ended. "Why didn't you wake me up? I questioned, laughing after I threw my pillow at Violet. "I did you a favor." She smiled. "Well at least you look extremely pretty today." I murmured. She was wearing a bad hair day beanie, gray crop tank top, with a faded mini roses skater skirt on top of it so it looked like a dress, and doc martens. "Thanks." She smiled. "I'm taking a quick shower." I told her before hopping in the shower. I washed everything quickly, while humming an Ariana Grande song. Once I got out I looked in my bag. "Already picked an outfit last night." Violet informed me. "Right, totally forgot that I did that. Thanks." I replied. I put on a matching bra and panties, and put on my clothes. I was wearing a fries before guys baseball tee with red sleeves, ripped leggings, and red vans. "Bun or do something else with my hair?" I asked Violet. "Ooh a bun would look really pretty with that outfit." She smiled. "Thanks darling." I replied. "Here's a breakfast sandwich, lets go." Violet said, handing me a sandwich and grabbing her stuff. We put our items in Violet's dad's car and hopped in. "Here's the address, father." She told him. "Alright, lets go." He smiled. 

We started driving and Ed Sheeran came on the radio. Violet and I looked at each other and screamed. We sang along to his song, "Don't", and even Violet's dad started singing. "Oh how I love Ed Sheeran." I smiled. "Me too." Her dad agreed. "You go Glen Coco, you go." Violet said, laughing. In a few moments we arrived at the destination and got off. Violet said her goodbyes to her father as I said hi to the boys. "You look fantastic." Niall complimented me. "You think so?" I asked, smiling. "I know so." He answered. 

"I'll be right back." He said, going to talk to Violet and her dad. I put the bags in the jet and was in aw. "Why can't I be famous?" I asked. "Because you have a friend who knows famous lads." Harry answered. "Close enough, eh." Harry added. "True." I laughed. "Thank you boys, again, for letting us come along." I thanked them. "Oh please, it's our pleasure." Zayn smiled. "Where's Violet?" Liam asked. I smiled and told him that she was saying bye to her dad. "Liam has a crussshhh." Louis teased. "I do-do not." He replied. "Liam says that while he drools over her presence." Louis added. "Let me warn you, Louis, before you say something else, I will end you." He laughed. Niall came in and sat next to me. "So you and Violet are like sisters, huh?" He asked. "Yup." I answered. "Why didn't you ever ask for my number?" He asked. "I didn't want to be a bother." I admitted. "I don't think you could ever bother me." He replied. 

"I can't wait to prove you wrong on that." I laughed. "I like getting to know you, you're not just 1/5 of One Direction, you're a normal guy that happens to be famous." I added. He stared deeply into my eyes and smiled. Violet walked in and looked at Niall and I. "Having a moment there, I see." She said. "Which you loudly interrupted." Niall replied. "Well looks like I'll be interrupting a lot more of those." She murmured. I blushed and smiled.

Violet's P.O.V.

I walked in and saw Niall and Alex staring at each other with smiles on their faces, Alex turning red. "Having a moment there, I see." I interrupted. "Which you loudly interrupted." Niall replied, laughing. "Well looks like I'll be interrupting a lot more of those." I smirked. I sat down and listened to the conversations around me. I'm quite reserved since I'm pretty shy. "Hello there, love." Liam said, sitting next to me. "Oh! Hi Liam." I replied, flashing a smile. "What's going on in that pretty little head of yours?" He asked. I blushed and looked and his beautiful brown eyes. "I don't even know." I laughed. "Well you look absolutely fantastic today." He replied. I looked down and smiled, and then looked at him. 

"T-thanks." I giggled. "I mean you look quite stunning yourself." I said. "Thank you, darling." He replied. I nodded and smiled.

"We're 4349.6 miles away from our destination, how long is it going to take?" Louis asked. "Approximately 9 hours and 2 minutes." I answered pretty quick after doing the math in my head. "How do you answer that quick?" Zayn asked. "Math is her favorite subject." Niall answered.

"Plus she always got straight As." Niall added. "Which is why no one liked me." I laughed. "It's alright though, I'm the one with a major in art." I smiled. "And plus look at you now, all pretty and stuff." Harry said. "Oh she was pretty before too, just a nerd." Niall laughed. "I think that's so attractive." Liam murmured. I looked at him and blushed. "Liam is my new best friend, Niall, you have been replaced." I stuck out my tongue. "Hey, you can't do that! Fine, Alex is my new best friend." He laughed. The jet started flying and we were on our way home. "I'm hungry." Alex said. "You're always hungry." I laughed. "That's extremely true, and I'm proud of it." She smirked. "Would you like to grab something to eat with me, love?" Zayn asked. "Yes please!" She bounced up and walked to the attendant with Zayn. Niall went along. "No one liked me when I was little either." Liam said.

"Yeah. I remember you saying that you couldn't sell out stadiums because you couldn't even get people to go to your birthday party. But look at you now, One Direction selling out countless stadiums." I replied.

"It still leaves me breathless every time." He said. He described the way he felt while singing and how his fans always make him smile and he always used to doubt that any of it could ever happen. "Wow, looks like I'm starting to get some of your secrets, huh?" I asked. "I trust that you wouldn't tell." He winked. "Well as long as you don't piss me off." I laughed. "It's glad to become friends with you all so quickly. I'm pretty shy, but if you get to know me I can be as loud as Niall so I apologize when my loudness comes out." I said. "You're quite something. I'm glad Niall brought you and Alex, you guys are great." Harry replied. "I agree with Harry, you girls are extremely amazing." Louis smiled. I blushed and smiled back. "You guys are the best." I said. "You should know that already." Niall replied, coming with food. "Oh I already knew that, Niall." I informed him. "Just saying it now." I added. "Is that for us too? I'm quite hungry." Harry asked. Niall looked at him and laughed. "Do you even know me?" He asked Harry. Harry laughed and nodded. "True, true. My mistake." Harry answered. "Oh I'm just joking, you can have some." Niall smiled, still laughing. Zayn and Alex brought out more food and I smiled. So many varieties of food to choose from. For a good two hours, we were eating and telling each other stories and secrets about ourselves. I started to close my eyes and get tired. Zayn fell asleep on my shoulder and Liam fell asleep with his arms hugging me. I smiled as I fell asleep as well, between these two lovely boys.

Alex's P.O.V.

Zayn, Liam, and Violet fell asleep but Niall, Louis, Harry, and I were still up. "What should we do?" Louis asked. "Well first I think we should take a picture because the way they fell asleep is so cute." I answered, giggling. We took a picture of them sleeping, and then we started questioning what to do again. "We should put fake bugs in their face." Harry suggested. "Where would we get fake bugs?" Louis asked, laughing. "I always carry some with me just in case Violet tries to act up on me." I answered. "You're a lifesaver." Louis hugged me. I smiled and we put a fake spider on Zayn's crotch, a fake beetle on Violet's beenie, and three on Liam: a fly, a ladybug and a spider. "SPIDER!" We all yelled. Their eyes flashed open and their faces were priceless. Violet jumped up and started screaming, running around and shaking her head, Liam screamed and threw the objects on the floor, making a face and stomping on them. Zayn looked at his crotch and screamed, getting it off and running to the bathroom. Us 4 died from laughter. Good thing we got it on camera. "What the fuck?!" Violet screamed. "YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN YOUR FACE OH MY GOODDDD." Niall laughed, hugging her. "We got you good." Harry said. "You'rE CRYING!!" Niall said. "Fuck you." Violet said, pushing him away. She hugged Liam and laughed in his arms. "Are you okay?" She asked him. "Not even close." He answered, laughing. "Me too! I'm shaking." She said. "We must get them back." He whispered. "We will." Violet smirked. "FUCK YOU GUYS I THOUGHT THE SPIDER ACTUALLY BIT ME OR SOMETHING I HAD TO CHECK IF MY DICK WAS OKAY." Zayn screamed, coming out of the bathroom. "Wow, that was beautiful." Louis laughed.

"That was cruel." Liam replied. "Seriously, I almost fucking stabbed myself because I thought there was a spider on me." Violet agreed. "But honestly, I'm impressed with you boys.... But if you really want to do something extremely awesome, you'll have to try harder." Violet winked. "How could you forget that your best friend was a nerd but also the best prankster in school?" She asked, smirking. "Good question." Niall answered. "Fuck." I laughed. "Well shit I'm scared." Louis said. "What a catch." Harry murmured.

Violet blushed and smiled. "You guys won't see the prank I have planned for you." She laughed. Zayn hugged her and kissed her hand. "God bless your existence, love." He said. I rolled my eyes. She blushed and looked away and then back at him. "Thanks, lad." Violet replied. Liam looked at her with amazement and sat back down. "How long have we been sleeping?" Zayn asked. "3 hours." Niall answered. "How much longer is this flight?" I questioned. "4 more hours." Harry explained. "Alright. I'm going back to sleep. And I warn you all, if you try another prank on Liam, Zayn, and I... I will make you guys wish you never tried to be funny." She smiled, sitting down and putting a blanket over herself. "Told you guys she was a charmer." Niall said. "She's shy, smart, beautiful, funny, fun, talented, sassy, sarcastic, and she's a prankster? Wow." Louis replied. "She's actually a prick, guys don't let her pretty exterior fool you." I whispered. Violet threw a pillow at me and I laughed. "Well Alex isn't wrong. She's all pretty and shit until you get her mad." Niall agreed. "Would you like me to show you an example?" She asked, throwing her blanket on the floor and raising an eyebrow. "Woah. No please." Harry laughed. "Then be quiet." She smiled. "I think we have to be quiet now." Louis yelled. "Honestly, she won't do anything. Her being shy and having social anxiety takes away her opportunities." I explained. Liam looked at her and she looked down. "Whatever, I'm going to sleep." She said, picking up her blanket at snuggling against the window. "She has social anxiety?" Liam asked. I nodded. "She has always been the shy and quiet one but I'm more outgoing. But when she does open up she's actually the best person anyone can ever have as a friend." I explained. "Besides me." I added, laughing. Liam looked at her and sat down, and I sat down as well. "She's fine." I said, hoping that those words would ease his mind a little.

*4 hours later*

Violet's P.O.V.

The jet landed and we were home. "Good to be back." I smiled, flashing my eyes open. I folded the blanket and hugged the boys. "Honestly, thank you for making our trip home a lot less lamer than it would have been on a crowded airplane with annoying strangers." Alex said. "Yeah, thanks. And remember to text us or call whenever you need something. I feel like I owe you guys." I added. 

"You don't owe us, it was our pleasure." Liam smiled. I smiled at his smile and got my bag. "Remember to call, I'd like to hang out soon." Alex said to the guys but mostly Niall. Niall kissed her hand and laughed. "Just kiss already." I rolled my eyes. I stepped off the plane and turned on my phone. "Hey is that your boyfriend?" Zayn asked. I looked up and saw my boyfriend, Austin waiting for me with roses and a bag with candy inside. I smiled and ran to him, jumping on him. "I missed you so much." His warm, raspy voice whispered in my ear. I opened my eyes to see the boys behind, but far away from Austin "There's some guy with Violet." Zayn informed Liam. "That doesn't mean anything." Harry said. "Don't give him false hope." Zayn replied. "It's fine, I'm fine." Liam flashed a smile. "Sorry, mate." Louis hugged Liam. (a/n: This is what they're saying to each other, although Violet or Austin didn't hear them. Violet saw them talking, but didn't know what they were saying)

"I missed you more." I smiled. He gave me a kiss and then hugged me once more. Niall came towards us and he smiled. "You must be Austin, Violet's boyfriend." He said, shaking his hand. "That's correct. It's an honor to meet the guy who has been her best friend since she was so little. She always talks about you, and makes me support you guys just as much as she does." He replied, laughing. "We're like brother and sister, I appreciate that you put up with her making you do that. The support really does help the mates and I." He smiled.  "It's totally fine, actually. I don't mind. I love the way she's so passionate about One Direction, she really adores you 5. Whatever makes her happy, makes me happy." Austin explained.

"I like you so far, Austin. I'd like to have a drink or a few with you sometime." Niall said. "That would be great." Austin smiled. They said their goodbyes and I hugged him.

"Love you, alright. Be safe, remember that the boys and I have your number alright. I text you as much as I can, everyday so I expect texts back. Maybe we all can do something." Niall said. "Of course, of course. Love you too. Be safe as well and thank you for being such a great lad." I replied.

I walked to the rest of the boys to say my last goodbyes. "It was such a pleasure to get to know you guys." I said. "Same to you, love." Harry replied, giving me a hug. "Lets do something soon. Don't forget me." I said, smiling. "We won't forget you, even if we'd like to." Liam replied. I hugged him and he whispered something in my ear. "Let's get tea or coffee or whatever you prefer tomorrow morning." I nodded and smiled. "I'd love that." I whispered back. I hugged Louis and reminded him that I was a prankster and he laughed, thinking that I couldn't even be as good as he was; his mistake. I hugged Zayn and smiled. "So I guess I'll see you guys some time soon, I hope." I waved and walked to Amber. "Coming with me, or with Niall?" I asked her, smirking. "Niall's dropping me off at my place, I don't want to steal him from his family." She explained. "Speaking of my family, they'd love to see you again." Niall added. "I can do it on Wednesday, if that's alright with you." I suggested. "I'm sure they'll make time for you." Niall laughed. "Bye guys, drive safely please. Don't make him laugh too hard in the car or he'll lose focus of the road and end up crying from laughter and then he'll start to drive like a drunk driver." I said. "ThaT WAS ONCE!" Niall laughed. "Your fault, by the way." He added. I rolled my eyes and smiled. "Alright, bye." I laughed. I grabbed my roses and the bag of candy and Austin grabbed my bag for me. "I can't believe you got me purple roses." I smiled, walking to the car with his hand in my hand. "I know how much you love purple." He said. "Do you know what else I love?" I asked, leaning against his car. "You." I said. The black, night sky and the glowing moon shining down upon us, making it seem like we were the only two on the planet. The silence wasn't deafening or awkward, it was welcomed, because we both knew that the only thing that mattered right then and there was that we were together. He came closer to me, and pressed me against the car, our bodies touching. He leaned in, eyes on my face, and closed his eyes as our lips touched. We both dropped everything we had in our hands and I immediately kissed him back. His lips were soft, getting moist from our tongues rubbing against each other. I missed the way he tasted, sweet with a hint of mint and alcohol. My hands were entangled in his hair, although his hand went to my upper thigh, bringing it upwards, wrapping it around his leg.

His lips moved to my neck and he started to suck on it, soft moans escaping my lips. "Let's go to my loft, shall we?" He asked. I nodded and we grabbed our stuff, hurrying to get inside.

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