No Control

Violet knew Niall since they were just little kids but she never got a chance to see him due to their opposing schedules. When Violet and her best friend, Alex, go to Orlando to visit Violet's Dad, she gets a text from Niall saying that they should join him and the boys at Orlando.


5. The Dinner

Violet's P.O.V.

A/N: This is the next day when its two hours before the dinner.


I just got out of the shower and I was in a rush. I got a call from Niall and picked up. "Hey!" He exclaimed through the phone. "Hey." I sighed. "You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, just nervous for dinner anddddd in a rush because I just got out of the shower." I answered. "Y'know it starts in two hours right? And you have nothing to be worried about because my parents love you." He said. "Yeah, but I'm a girl, so two hours isn't enough to put on make up and do my hair and make sure I look perfect." I replied. "Also, I haven't seen them in a while." I added. "You can wear a sweater and sweatpants, you'd still look perfect and be as charming as you always are." He told me. "Ugh, love you Niall." I smiled. "Love you too. Oh anddddd my parents are inviting the boys, andddddd she said that it would be cool if your boyfriend came as well. Okay, bye." He said before hanging up. My eyes widened and I screamed into my pillow. Fuck. The boys, Niall's parents, and my boyfriend to impress all at the same time.

I put on a strapless bra and panties, walking to my closet to pick out clothes. I put on my Sass & Bide Same Love Lover Zip Detail Buster, Red Valentino Velvet Printed Bubble Skirt, and Black Stiletto Pumps. "Jewelry, jewelry." I said to myself. I looked in my drawers of jewelry and my jewelry box. Finally, I saw my necklace from The Vampire Diaries. I put on The Vampire Diaries Katherine Pierce Necklace. "Perfect." I whispered. I sat down in front of my mirror, dragging all of my make up with me. I first did my hair, putting it in a side braided bun. In an hour and 15 minutes, I was finally finished. I had smokey eye and red lips, my eyeliner wing looked perfect and I looked absolutely stunning, if I do say so myself. I walked downstairs and my mom and step dad looked at me and smiled. "You look absolutely beautiful." They both said. I smiled. "Thanks, you guys look amazing as well." I replied. Someone knocked at the door and that was when I realized I forgot to invite Austin. My dad opened the door and Austin walked in with flowers. "How did you even know about this?" I asked. "Your parents invited me." He answered, giving me the flowers. "We figured you'd forget since you're very forgetful." My step dad explained. "So we asked him ourselves." He added. "Don't embarrass me, Henry." I laughed. "Oh, I already know how forgetful you are." Austin smirked. I gently pushed him and smiled at him. I pecked his lips and put the flowers in a vase. "Is Tristan coming?" I asked, looking at the time. They nodded. "Tristan!" I screamed. He ran down in a nice suit and I smiled. "Nice look, fart face." I said. "Same to you, big tits." He replied. "You have a jacket, right love?" Austin asked. "I do, thank you." I answered. We all got in the car and we arrived at the place they told us to meet them at. It was a fancy restaurant that they rented out just for the dinner. "Wow." I said to myself. The worker at front brought us in and I spotted Liam and Niall talking to each other. (She won't hear this but this is what they're saying) "Do I look good?" Liam asked. "Yeah, yeah, don't be nervous, and remember that she has a boyfriend." Niall answered. "I know, I know. Might as well get to be another good friend of hers, right?" Niall nodded. I approached them and hugged Niall. "Hey!" He said, after the hug. I smiled and hugged Liam. "Hi, I'm not late, right?" I asked. "Not late at all. You look absolutely beautiful." Liam answered. I felt my cheeks getting hot and I looked at Liam. "You guys look absolutely stunning as well." I replied. "Where's Louis, Harry, and Zayn?" I asked. "They're already sitting." Niall said.

"Lets go, then." I sighed. "You're nervous?" Liam asked. I nodded. "It's alright, you have nothing to worry about. Everyone's going to love you, you don't need to act like anything, just be yourself." Liam said. I looked at him and smiled. "Thank you so much." I replied. "My pleasure, love. And remember, if you need anything I'll be sitting right in front of you." I nodded and looked at Niall. "Aren't your parents divorced?" I asked. He nodded. "My dad said that he hasn't seen you for a long time so he wanted to come." He answered. "Alright." I said.

I sat down, next to Niall, and Austin, my mom, and step dad next to Austin, my step brother next to Niall. Niall's parents were in front of my parents, Harry was in front of Austin, Liam was in front of me, and Louis and Zayn were in front of Niall and Tristan. "It's, uh, really nice to see you, Ms Gallagher and Mr Horan." I flashed a smile. "The pleasure is really mine, dear. Bobby and I haven't seen you in a long time." Maura replied. "Maura, darling, how has everything been?" My mom started to small talk with Maura and Bobby. "The boys look handsome, don't you think?" Austin asked. I looked at Liam. "Yeah, he does." I answered. "I mean they... they." I covered myself up quickly. Austin looked at me and I pecked his lips. "I just slipped up." I said to Niall. "I heard." He replied. "Do you think Liam heard?" I asked. "Oh, so it was about Liam?" He smirked. My cheeks felt hot, and I looked down. "What? Liam is attractive." I murmured. "True, true, alright. I'm sure Austin isn't mad, you covered it up fast enough." Niall said.

The food was brought out and we all started to eat.

"So, that must be your boyfriend, right?" Bobby asked, looking at Austin. "Its not Niall, right?" Maura added. I laughed. "Niall is handsome and very boyfriend material, I love him to bits, but Niall and I both agreed a while ago that we're like siblings; we would never want to get into a relationship that can ruin our friendship. So it's not Niall. It's Austin, Austin this is Maura and Bobby, Niall's parents." I explained.

Niall kissed my cheek and nodded, during my explanation. "Hi Maura, Bobby. It's so great to finally meet the parents of Violet's best friend. I gotta say, I've heard a lot about you both, and the boys." He said. "Nice to meet you as well. Tell me about yourself." Maura replied. It's like the "meet my parents" dinner all over again. I looked at Liam while they were conversing and he smiled. "You good?" He asked. I nodded. "Yeah, thank you." I answered. "Wow, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. You guys look quite dashing." I smiled. "Thank you, love. Not as dashing as you, sadly." Harry replied. "I wish," I laughed. "but thank you." I added. He nodded. "Well, Austin, you sound like a lovely guy. Glad you can make Violet happy." Bobby said. I smiled. "Thanks, sir." We both said. We laughed and he kissed my cheek. "I heard you majored in art." Maura let out. I nodded, swallowing some food. "Yup, I majored in art, and I write books; I have a publisher, and I also act and sing. I'm making a great amount of cash, actually." I explained. "She makes us proud." My mom said. "How about you, Tristan? How have you been?" Bobby asked. "I've been pretty great, thank you. Glad to be here and catch up with you, Maura, and Niall, and also meet the boys." He answered. "Have a girlfriend, yet?" Maura asked. He shook his head, answering a yes. "You're a handsome man, you probably get all of the girls." She smiled. "Thank you, Maura." He smiled back. "Has Niall offered you expensive items yet?" Bobby asked. "Oh come on, dad." Niall laughed. "Yeah, he has. He's kind like that, but he's still just Niall to me, y'know. I feel rude taking expensive stuff from him; I barely have people buy me cheap stuff like a pencil or something, so I usually say no. But for birthdays and holidays, I can't say no. I'm very grateful for the gifts he gives me though, and when I do say yes it's not really expensive stuff." I explained. "You raised Niall, very well." My mom said. "Thank you, thank you. I'm very proud." Maura replied.

"So how do you and the boys get along?" Bobby asked. "I'm a fan of One Direction, but when I'm with them, they're just regular people, they just have talent and get paid to sing in a band. I think we get along very well, but I don't know if they feel different towards me. I can be annoying." I laughed.

"I think Violet is amazing. We get along well and we can relate on lots of things. We're different, but we're alike. In fact, yesterday we had hot chocolate and tea together in the morning." Liam spoke up. "Yeah, Liam and I are like best buds already." I smiled. "Violet's a prankster and she's sassy, so yeah, we get along." Louis added. "She's great." Harry said. "Violet's pretty lovable." Zayn finished. I blushed and smiled. "That's honestly so uplifting, thanks guys." I said.

In a few minutes, we wrapped the night up with some drinks, and I went to hug Bobby and Maura. "Thank you for inviting us out to dinner, is there any way you'd like for me to pay something? I feel guilty, as I said before I don't like people paying for me; it doesn't feel right." I smiled, after the hug. "No, no, it's our pleasure and our invitation, we already paid. Thanks for coming. I hope to see more of you, darling." Maura said. "Ditto. Have a good night." I smiled. "You too." Bobby said. I ran to the boys and smirked. "Did you guys really mean that stuff?" I asked. "Everything we said was 100% true." Zayn answered. "You're awesome and we're happy to call you our friend." Louis smiled. I gave them a group hug and smiled. "Love you guys." I said. "Love you too." They all replied. After the group hug, I walked to Niall, Austin, and Tristan. "How are my boys?" I asked, smiling. Tristan wrapped his arms around me and I smiled. "Great." Niall said. "Awh, I remember when Tristan and you used to be best buds." I replied to Niall. "We were the three amigos." Tristan smiled. "But Niall liked me more." I said to Austin. Austin laughed and Tristan rolled his eyes. "Just because you're attractive doesn't mean that Niall likes you more than me." Tristan protested. I smirked and looked at Niall. "Alright, alright." I laughed. I hugged Niall. "See you sometime soon." I whispered. "Yeah, of course. Drive safe and thanks for coming." He replied. Tristan, Austin, Henry, and my mom got in our car and started to drive home. "Still staying over our house, sweetie?" Mother asked. "I miss my place actually, can you drop me off there?" I asked. "Of course." She answered. "So I guess I'll just see you tomorrow?" Austin questioned. I grabbed his hand, interlacing out fingers with each other, and pecked his soft lips. "Yeah, yeah. I'm just pretty tired." I explained. He nodded and smiled. "You look so beautiful." He complimented me. "And you look so handsome, thanks for coming." I smiled. Once we arrived at my loft, Austin kissed my forehead and I got out of the car, waving at them all. I walked up to my door and opened it with my keys. Going inside my loft and locking the door behind me, I played Ed Sheeran on max volume and started walking to my room. I sang along to Take It Back, and took off my make up. Once I finished taking off my make up, I took my hair out of the bun, and shook my head over and over again like a dog after a bath. Once it was down and curls fell perfectly on my shoulders, I took off my clothes. I grabbed my Heart Breaker sleep tank, and black shorts for sleep -- both from Victoria Secret -- and I put them on.

My Ed Sheeran vibe was interrupted once I got a FaceTime call. I saw that it was from Liam and I picked up, laying down on the bed. "Hello." I smiled. "Hi." He replied. "Still in your tux, I see." I said. "And you're in your pajamas." He replied. "That shirt is a lie, I bet you don't break hearts." He added. "You must have faith in me." I laughed. "But you're right, I've broken one person's heart. I usually get my heart broken." I explained. "Maybe it's because you keep on choosing the wrong people." He murmured. "You think so?" I asked. "Totally. Why would anyone break your heart?" He answered, with a question. "That's a great question, Liam." I smiled. "I don't know why anyone would break your heart either. I mean that girl who denied you over and over again and then finally said yes and then broke up with you, what a mistake. You wouldn't have to ask me at all to go out with you, my answer would be yes before you even got the chance." I said. He looked at me through the phone with a look that just made me have to smile. "Is it because I'm in a band?" He asked. "No. Not at all. When I'm with you, and even before we met, you were always just a regular guy to me. Its just that your personality is so attractive and you are so cute and your smile can make someone melt." I explained. "Let's go Liam." I heard Zayn say. "I've gotta go, but I'll talk to you soon. Thank you for that, Violet." He smiled. "My pleasure. Goodnight, Liam." I replied. "Goodnight." He muttered. He pressed end and I smiled.

I turned off Ed Sheeran and put my phone to charge, climbing under the covers. I didn't wait for a goodnight text from Austin, because I was tired and too happy about that conversation with Liam. I closed my eyes, and welcomed sleep.

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