No Control

Violet knew Niall since they were just little kids but she never got a chance to see him due to their opposing schedules. When Violet and her best friend, Alex, go to Orlando to visit Violet's Dad, she gets a text from Niall saying that they should join him and the boys at Orlando.


4. Tea and Hot Chocolate

Violet's P.O.V.

When Austin and I arrived to his loft, we put my stuff down and sat on the couch. "Wanna watch a movie or a tv series?" He asked. I nodded. "I think I'm in the mood for Aladdin." I said. He smiled and nodded, putting the dvd in. "This movie kind of reminds me of us because I'm the princess and you're a peasant." I murmured. He gently pushed me and laughed. "I love you." He said. I looked at him and pecked his lips. He brung my face back to his and placed his lips on mine. Our lips moving with each other. He licked my lips for entrance and I gave him it. I started to lay down, dragging Austin down with me, him now on top of me. We were kissing through the previews and when the "play movie" screen came on, we stopped. We started laughing after we stopped, and he kissed me again, me smiling during the kiss. "Okay, okay, lets watch this movie." I giggled. "Alright, alright." He replied, smiling. We shifted positions, me on top of him, his arms wrapped around me, and my head under his chin. We both sang "Arabian Nights" when it played, and throughout the movie we sang along to the songs. After the movie finished, we went upstairs and got comfortable. I took off my skirt, and I was left with my crop tank top and panties. Before I got to get in bed nicely, Austin pinned me down and started to kiss my stomach. "Austin!" I laughed. Once he started to suck on my stomach, I knew what he was doing. When he got up and kissed me, I smiled. "Just marking my territory." He said. I got in bed and looked at him. "Come in with me, you goofball." I replied. He got in and we cuddled. "I love you." I said. "Love you too." He replied, kissing my forehead. I smiled and pecked his lips. We both closed our eyes and drifted into a deep, sleep.


I woke up and walked to the bathroom. I took off my top and panties, turning on the shower and climbing in. I grabbed the bar of soap, and scrubbed every inch of my body. After finishing with my body, I washed my hair. Finishing up, I turned off the water, and grabbed a towel, wrapping myself and stepping on the rug.

I opened the door and walked to my drawers of clothes that I have here when I stay over.

"Why are you up so early?" Austin asked, pulling the blanket over his face. "I'm getting us tea." I answered. "Y'know I can just make it later." He said. "I'm meeting Liam." I replied. He stayed quiet. I grabbed my purple lace panty and bra, putting it on. I put on lotion all over my body, and sprayed perfume on some spots. I put deodorant and then put on my "I Like Food" Tee, followed by my high waisted clean back Ridley skinny jeans with busted knees. After putting on socks and my timberlands, I put on an American Eagle Hooded Surplus Jacket. I quickly fixed my hair, and put on nude lips and winged eyeliner. I pecked Austin and said goodbye.

In the car I took a selfie and put it on Twitter, saying "On my way to see @Real_Liam_Payne and have some tea 😌💕"

I started the car and realized I had no idea where to go. I started having a panic attack, and then he called.

"Hello, love." He said, through the phone. "Hi! Please tell me you're there." I replied. "Yeah, yeah, I'll tell you were to go." He said, giving me directions. In a few minutes, I arrived and parked. I walked in, and spotted Liam. I approached him and he stood up, giving me a hug. "Glad you can come." He said. "I'm glad I can come as well." I replied. I ordered myself a hot chocolate since I was pretty chilly, and decided to order a tea for Austin and I to go. I sat down in front of Liam, taking a sip of my hot beverage, and then smiling. "So how does it feel to be home after so much traveling?" I asked. "You really can't explain it. You're happy to see your family and friends but then again all you want to do is start touring again." He answered, explaining. "I know what you mean. On tour you're thinking about your family and friends but then again you're extremely excited to perform and see fans, and at home its the opposite." I smiled. "Yeah, exactly." Liam agreed. "I want to tour the world, that sounds so exciting! I always tell Austin that I'm going to tour the world and explore but he always laughs and says that staying where the important things are is all that matters, so why waste your money; I differ to that epicly. When I'm in my car, I see things like this: there's a road leading to different opportunities and places, and you have the choice." I said. "Seeing the different cultures and the different people and sights are worth the money. I agree with you. The important things matter, but if they're important and think the same of you, they shouldn't hold you down." Liam replied.

"Yeah, exactly." I smiled. "Why would someone complain about traveling the world?" Liam asked. "Exactly!" I answered. "I mean I love Austin to death but he can be selfishly annoying at times." I said. "I can be annoying but I'm never selfish." Liam replied. "I know, I love that about you." I smiled. He smiled at me and I blushed, looking down. "Did I mention that you look stunning today?" Liam asked.

I smiled even bigger. "Thanks." I answered, looking back at him. "You look handsome, yourself." I replied. "We look c-cute, lets take a picture." I suggested, getting nervous for even asking. He nodded and we took a few selfies. We took a few serious ones, then silly ones, then smiling ones, and then ones with me acting (not really acting because I'm a fangirl) like I was fangirling over him because, I mean, it's Liam Payne, and then ones with him fangirling over me.

"Send those to me." He laughed. "Of course, of course." I smiled. I looked at the time and an hour and 30 minutes had already passed.

"Thanks for inviting me to have tea with you, even though I had hot chocolate. I had a wonderful time." I said. "Maybe we should start hanging out more often." He suggested. I nodded. "I'd love that." I smiled. I hugged him and once we stopped hugging, we went our separate ways. I grabbed my to go tea, and I walked to my car. "Bye, Violet." Liam waved, getting in his vehicle. "Bye, Liam." I waved back, smiling. I got inside and started driving to Austin's house. When I arrived, I grabbed the teas and knocked on the door. I have keys, but my hands were full. Austin opened the door and I walked in, putting the tea on the counter. "Look at you, looking all attractive for Liam Payne." He said. I laughed. "Just because him and Niall are my favorites doesn't mean I'm dating them." I replied. "But you're thinking about dating Liam, aren't you?" He asked. I paused and looked at him. "N-no." I answered. "You had to think." He said. "Your jealousy is cute but I'm yours, you know I'm loyal." I replied. I gave him his tea and passionately kissed him. "Love you, okay?" I said. "Okay. Love you too." He replied. "I'm just close to Niall and Liam. Just because I hang out with them and I'm cute while doing so doesn't mean I like them." I explained. He nodded and took a sip of the tea. "I haven't seen my mom or stepbrother for weeks though, so I'll see you later?" I asked.

"Yeah, yeah, of course. See you." He answered, pecking my lips. I left and got in my car. Before leaving I checked Twitter, because apparently I have a lot of mentions. Liam tweeted this: "Just had a great time with @MissVioletLingry talking about life and drinking hot chocolate and tea. Love hanging out with her! xo" with 4 pictures of us. The first was silly, him making a funny face and me sticking out my tongue, the second was serious with both of us raising one eyebrow, the third was just us smiling, and the last was the one of him fangirling over me.

I laughed and read some of the tweets his fans tweeted us. "I ship, I ship, I ship.", one read. "Wow, the amount of attractiveness in this photo.", read another. "You guys are so qt."

"Are you guys dating?", read one more. And the last one I read was, "NOOOO STOP YOU CANT BE TAKEN AGAIN, YOu're miNEEE." I laughed and tweeted Liam back: "@Real_Liam_Payne , I think a lot of your fans ship us 😏 haha, I had fun! Tell me when our next hangout is 👀" I started driving to my mom's house. Once I arrived, I opened the door with my key and walked in. "I'm heeerrrreee!" I yelled. My stepbrother, ran down the stairs and hugged me. "Hey sexy!" He yelled. I laughed and kissed his cheek. "Hey hottie." I replied. "Where's madre and step padre?" I asked. "Madre is in her room and padre is in the shower." He answered. "Oooooh." I smirked. "How have you been, punk? Where are your 500 girlfriends?" I asked. "I've been grand, and I have one girlfiend. I might be attractive but I'm not a cheater like your dad." He answered. "WOW. THAT WAS COLD." I said. "How's Austin?" He asked, laughing.

"Austin is great. He's getting jealous though, because I've been hanging out with Liam and the rest of the boys." I explained.

"Yeah, you're on tv." Tristan said. My eyes widened. "What?!" I asked. "In fact, the boys are doing an interview with questions about who you and Alex are and stuff in a few weeks or months or whatever." Tristan answered. "Oh." I said, having an anxiety attack. "Breath in and out." My mom said, walking down the stairs. "You get the attacks from me, I'm sorry." She said. "Hi mom." I replied, after calming down. "Hi darling. How's Niall?! Is he even cuter in person?" She asked. "Yeah, of course. He asked about you. He said that he'd love it if you, Tristan, Henry, and I could go over his house tomorrow around 5 to have dinner." I explained. "Yes! Of course." She agreed. "I'm staying over, I miss you guys." I laughed. "Your bedroom is still open." Tristan said. "It better be. When do you get off of break for your band?" I asked. "Well I go back on tour in February, and its December, soooo yeah." He answered.

"Alright. I'll have enough time to throw it back to when we were in High School and when we'd always annoy and prank each other." I laughed. "Oh and lets not forget me beating you at like all games." Tristan said. "LIES. LETS GO RIGHT NOW." I replied. We started to play Call of Duty until Henry came down. "Sweetie! Welcome back." He exclaimed, giving me a hug. "Thank you. How have you and mother been?" I asked. "We've been fine, Violet." My mom answered.

"I was asking step dad." I laughed. "We've been great, I'm excited for Christmas." He said, he whispered in my ear what he's getting for my mom and I gasped. "She'll love it." I whispered back.

"You guys look wonderful. Are you doing anything today?" I asked. "We're probably going out to a bar or to dance or something." Mom answered. "That explains how nice you guys look. Be safe. Love you both." I said. "Alright, love you too, don't throw a party." Mom replied. "You can trust me. Just not Tristan." I laughed. "Tristan gently pushed me and I smiled.

"Ready to get your ass slayed in cod?" He asked, me sitting back down next to him and grabbing the remote control. "I think you'll be the one getting slayed since I'm already winning." I laughed, starting the game again.

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