No Control

Violet knew Niall since they were just little kids but she never got a chance to see him due to their opposing schedules. When Violet and her best friend, Alex, go to Orlando to visit Violet's Dad, she gets a text from Niall saying that they should join him and the boys at Orlando.


7. Park

Violet's P.O.V.

*a week later*

A few days ago, Austin came to my house and apologized with flowers and food. Today, we were just hanging out at my house. "Nothing to do with Liam?" He asked. "Oh my god shut up." I answered, laughing. He smirked. "We're just friends." I sighed. He looked at me, eyebrows scrunched together. "You say that with disappointment that you aren't more." He muttered. "No I didn't, I said it with disappointment that you don't believe me when I say that." I laughed. "It's just that you guys are already so close." He started. "He calls you princess." He added. "Because I'm fucking queen." I smirked. He rolled his eyes. "He's nice, and you know that. He's always been one of my favorites in One Direction, okay? Why is it bothering you now that I actually talk to him and we're close?" I asked. "Because you might-" He sighed.

"What? I might cheat on you with him? I might leave you for him? I might do something with him?" I answered. "Do you really think I'm that much of a low person?" I added. "No... No, I just want him and you to know that you're mine." He replied. "He knows. Everyone knows." I said. "I'm sorry, just a bit jealous. He has more to offer, and you deserve everything." He informed me.

I shook my head. "I love you, okay." I said. "I like what I have right now." I added. He nodded, slowly kissing my lips. "I love you too." He smiled. "Now go make some dinner. I'm hungry." I pouted. He laughed. "Okay, okay. Queen." He smiled.

"Or should I say princess..." He said under his breath. "Get in that kitchen now before I kick you out." I rolled my eyes. "I'm going." He laughed, getting up and going to the kitchen. I got a call, and I smiled at the number, picking it up. "Nialler." I smiled. "Hey Vi." He replied. "What're ya doing?" I asked. "Nothing, just chilling with the lads. I miss you." He answered. "I miss you too!" I exclaimed, pouting. "We can go to that park that we used to go to, when we were little, in a few hours if you'd like." I smiled. "Yeah, yeah, of course." He agreed. "Just us?" He asked. "Just us." I answered. "Okay. See you later." He said. "Bye, love." I replied. "You made plans with Niall?" Austin asked, putting two grilled cheese sandwiches on one plate and two more on another. He walked to the sofa and sat down next to me. "Yeah. Thanks, babe." I answered, pecking his lips when he gave me the plate. "Awwww. I want you all to myseeeelllffff." He groaned.

I laughed. "You always have me. This is the first time in years that I get to hang with my childhood friend." I replied, taking a bite of my grilled cheese sandwich. "Okay, okay, sounds fair." He sighed.

After eating both sandwiches, I walked to my room and looked at clothes to wear. Austin and I have been in pajamas all day. I took off all of my clothes besides my bra and underwear, and put on a black solid knot crop top, a red/black plaid skirt, knee high socks and doc martens. I brushed my hair, and left it down, all natural. I grabbed my phone, and my leather jacket, and I walked to the door. Before I could open it, Austin grabbed my waist, gently turned me around, and kissed me. "I'll let myself out." He said after the kiss. I nodded.

"I love you." I smiled. "Love you too." He replied.

I walked out, got in my car, and called Niall before I started to drive. "I'm on my way to the park." I said. "Good, I'll be there soon." He replied. "See you then." He added. I hung up, and started driving to the park. When I arrived, I started walking towards the swings. I saw Niall sitting on our usual spot, and I smiled, slowly creeping behind him and covering his eyes. "Guess who." I whispered in his ear. "Miss Violet Lingry?" Niall asked with a more heavy Irish accent. I uncovered his eyes and sat next to him. "Damn right." I smiled. "It's been a while since we got to hang with just us." He sighed. "Do you remember the last time?" I giggled at the memories. "We were at your mom's pool and that was when your parents were together. We'd spit pool water at each other." He laughed. "Throwback." I muttered. "Good times." He said. "Yeah." I agree. "So how are you and Alex?" I questioned. "I really like her." He sighed. "Tryna figure out when and how to ask her out?" I asked. He nodded. "Yeah." He answered. "Go on a date with her, that doesn't mean that you're girlfriend and boyfriend, just that you're dating. Start to get to know her better and even more." I suggested. "Where would she like to go?" He questioned. "Take her to a simple dinner and movie date. Or show her around, she doesn't really go to many places. It doesn't have to be fancy, she just wants to know that you like her and care for her." I informed him. "I'll do it." He smiled. "Good." I flashed him a thumbs up. "I love how you're still able to know me so well and give me advice after all these years." He said. "Our friendship will never die." I replied. "Never." He agreed.

"How's Austin?" He asked. "He's good. We're good. He's just territorial and jealous." I answered. "Liam wants you to know that he'd never try to break you guys up or ruin y-" He started. "I know. I've watched videos, XFactor, tv specials, and heard stuff from you about the boys, I know them fairly well. I favored Liam, actually, I trust him." I smiled. "He doesn't need to explain anything to me." I added. "That's good, I think he wants to be... good friends with you." He said. "We're almost there." I blushed.

"May I ask you something?" I asked. "Go for it." He answered.

(A/N: This is where the Anti-Larries stop reading) "Is Larry Stylinson an actual thing? Like is it real? Are they seriously dating?" I questioned. Niall looked away and smirked. "THEY ARE!" I exclaimed. I screamed, jumped off of the swing, and jumping up and down very quickly. "I knew it." I huffed, out of breath, now sitting down. "Still have that charm of yours." He laughed. "Still have that amazing laugh that I love." I smiled. "Wanna go back to my loft? The boys will be there." He suggested. I nodded. "I'd love to!" I giggled. We got up, and we got in our cars, me following his car. Once we arrived, we parked and got out. Niall opened the door with his key, and we walked in. "Hey guys, I brought Violet." He said. I waved. Liam and I's eyes met and he instantly started gleaming, a smile spreading across his face. "Hey guys." I smiled. They all replied hi and waved. "I might have told her that Larry is real." Niall announced. "You did what?" Louis asked. "Well, she's got a right to know. It is real. We are in love." Harry replied. "I won't tell anyone. I keep secrets. Plus, I am such a huge Larry shipper, oh my god, I've been waiting for you guys to come out for so long." I said. "Everyone loves Larry." Liam smiled.

"You like to hint it during concerts and interviews." I blushed. "Glad you noticed." He winked.

"Where's Zayn?" I asked. "He's with Perrie right now." Liam answered. "That's good." I smiled. "We should go out." Niall suggested. "Like to a club?" Harry asked. "Yeah." Niall answered.

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