No Control

Violet knew Niall since they were just little kids but she never got a chance to see him due to their opposing schedules. When Violet and her best friend, Alex, go to Orlando to visit Violet's Dad, she gets a text from Niall saying that they should join him and the boys at Orlando.


2. Childhood Friend

Violet's P.O.V.

I was visiting my dad in his loft in Orlando with my best friend, when I decided to go to Universal. "Be careful." My dad kissed my cheek and hugged me as I left his house. I'm going back to London tomorrow so I might as well enjoy my last day here. I got a text from my childhood friend who's now famous, Niall Horan, saying that he was in Orlando with the boys and we should meet up. "Have you ever met the boys?" My best friend, Alex, asked. "Nope actually." I laughed. "I haven't seen Niall in years but I've been supporting him since we were little." I answered. "God I wish I can be friends with Niall. Fuck, I'd be more than that with him." Alex murmured. "If  you asked me for his number I could've gave it to you." I smirked. We got in the car and started to drive to Universal.

"I can't believe you haven't seen your best guy friend for like more than 4 years." She said. "He has a busy schedule and I never had the chance." I explained.

"If I was friends with One Direction I don't even know what I would do." Alex laughed. "I never got anyone elses number, Niall is protective over me so." I said. "Niall is my favorite from One Direction, ugh, can he be protective over me." She smiled. I pushed her gently and we soon arrived. "I have this huge crush on Liam ugh. But y'know he hasn't met me, and I have a boyfriend." I pouted. "Your boyfriend is fine as fuck though." She replied. We got out of the car and I smiled. I called Niall.

Niall: Hey Violet!

Me: Hey! We're walking through the bag check right now, are you in Universal or Islands of Adventure?

Niall: We're in Islands of Adventure. Go to The Hulk ride, we're there. 

Me: Aren't the parks closed right now?

Niall: Yeah but I told them to let you and Alex in.

Me: Alright, can't wait to see you after so many years!

Niall: Same, see ya.

We hung up and I took out my annual pass and so did Alex, going through the gates of Islands of Adventure. "I love the Hulk Ride with a passion." Alex said. "Fuck yes." I high fived her. "I'm panicking, do I look cute? Do you think Niall will love me?" She asked. "Yes, yes." I laughed. "God I haven't seen Niall in so long. I haven't even met the boys, fuck, I'm panicking now." I started laughing. "We're retarded as fuck." Alex murmured. "Honestly." I agreed. We walked to The Hulk Ride and showed our license. "We're friends of Niall, did he tell you?" I asked. The person nodded and we walked in. We ran through the empty path and as soon as we know it, we were there. I saw 5 tall boys, and I almost screamed. "Violet!" Niall screamed. We ran and hugged each other. "Guys this is my beautiful old friend I've been talking about." Niall explained. My eyes met Liam's and we both stared at each other. "Pleasure to meet you guys." I smiled. "Pleasure is all mine." Liam replied. "She's cuter than you explained." Harry smirked. I started to blush, my shyness showing. "Thanks. You'd think Niall would know what I look like after knowing me for 14 years." I laughed. "My apologies." Niall smiled like he did something wrong. "Oh, this is my best friend, Alex." I introduced Alex to them. "Hello Alex, how are you?" Louis asked. "I'm great Louis, thanks for asking." She smiled so big. "We're both huge fans and supporters of One Direction so we apologize in advance if we turn red or kinda fangirl." I said. "It's alright, I told them about your craziness already." Niall replied. "Well good, now you guys know that I'm not the girl to mess with." I winked at them. "I like her." Zayn and Louis said. "Alex isn't the girl to mess with either, so you'll like her even more because she is a lot more aggressive." I added. 

"So are we going to start this ride, because I'm hungry." Alex said. "Looks like I found my new best friend. Hi Alex, I'm Niall." Niall replied. "Oh she knows who you are." I murmured. "Shut up Violet." Alex laughed. "It's alright, Niall knows who you are too, he thinks you're bea-" I added. "Shut up!" Niall covered my mouth. "Why don't we get this ride going." Liam laughed. Liam sat at the edge and I sat next to him, Niall sitting next to me and Alex sitting next to Niall. Zayn, Louis, and Harry were behind us. I really wanted to talk with Liam and become friends with him because he seems like the one I'd get along with the most, besides Niall. But I was too busy screaming from the roller coaster to talk to him

Once we got off, Liam looked at me. "Violet, right?" He asked. God I love when he says my name. "Yeah, hi Liam." I answered. 

"It's nice to finally meet you. Niall has always told us about you and Alex but we thought you were fake since we've never meet you guys until now." He smiled, as we walked down the ramp to the store. "Well I've been wanting to meet you guys for so long. Especially you, I feel like I'd click with you." I replied. "Already hitting on my best friend?" Niall asked Liam. I blushed. "I'm sure he wasn't flirting." I looked down and smiled. "Plus, it seems like you're hitting on my best friend as well so." I added. 

"I didn't know Niall could flirt until now." Louis laughed.

"Niall only flirts with food." Zayn added. "So does Alex, which is why they'd be perfect together." I murmured. Alex gave me a death stare and I couldn't help but laugh. "So what next?" Harry asked. 

"Cat in the Hat." I suggested. "Yes." Liam smiled. We walked to the Cat in the Hat ride and Liam and I were talking. "So you and Niall are the same age?" Liam asked. I nodded. "Here, I'll tell you all the stuff that I probably already know about you so its fair. I'm 21, born on March 20, 1993. My sign is a Pisces. I was born in Florida and raised where Niall was, which is how we met but I moved to Wolverhampton. My favorite color is purple. I love Toy Story, Friends, pizza, chocolate, Frozen, and Peter Pan with a passion. My full name is Violet Justice Lingry. I'm extremely shy but I'm actually really outgoing. I can play the guitar, including the bass, and I can also sing and I'm a good artist. I like guys with nice smiles who like Disney and like to be themselves in a relationship. I would like to travel the world one day and I adore Ed Sheeran so much. My favorite song on the Up All Night album is either Same Mistakes, I Want or More Than This. On Take Me Home, it's Nobody Compares, Over Again, and Little Things. Midnight Memories I would pick Right Now, Happily, You & I, and Better Than Words." I explained. Liam stared at me and started smiling. "Well aren't you just my type of girl." He said. "Maybe we're meant to be." I replied, staring back and giggling under my breath, being shy. We sat on the Cat in the Hat ride, but this time I sat with Niall. "Hey old friend." I smiled, hugging him. "I missed you like crazy! You're just as loud as me and make everything fun." He replied. "I missed you too! When I saw you on the X Factor I couldn't believe it was you, my best friend. I always knew you were going to be in a band one day." I said. "Looks like you won the bet." He replied.

"So you owe meeeeee." I laughed. "Yeah, yeah. So how do you like Liam?" He asked. "Honestly, Liam has always had a special place in my heart since I saw him sing on X Factor, I feel like I can connect with him on so many levels. Plus he's extremely cute." I answered. "But I have a boyfriend." I added. "How long have you had a boyfriend?" He asked. "Like 4 months." I laughed, smiling an innocent smile. "And you're just now telling me?" He questioned. "I just wanted to make sure he'd stick around for more than 2 months first." I said. "You're like an overprotective brother, trust me I was going to tell you." I added. "Well as long as you're happy." He smiled. "Thank you." I smiled back.

"So I see you like my best friend." I whispered. "Love how you know so much about me." He laughed. "Missed that laugh, Niall." I smirked. "But yes, I know a lot about you, and I know a lot about Alex and I think you have a shot." I said. "You think she likes me?" He asked, gleaming with happiness.

"Oh come on, who wouldn't like Niall Horan?" I laughed. 

After the Cat in the Hat ride, we went on a few more rides including the four Harry Potter Rides, Spiderman, and Ripsaw Falls, and I took snapchat pictures with the guys and each of them individual to add to my story because I fucking met One Direction. "So I guess this is bye, guys." I pouted. "You and Alex are by far the coolest girls that Niall knows." Zayn said. "Aren't we?" Alex laughed. "You guys were honestly extremely great, it's such a fantastic privilege to be able to see Niall again and finally meet you all." I added. "Privilege is all ours, love." Louis smiled. "When do you leave to go home?" Niall asked. "Tomorrow, but I haven't bought the ticket, because I'm a procrastinator." Alex answered. "Maybe you can go home with us, on our private jet?" Liam suggested. The boys looked at each other and nodded. "Yeah, I'm positive we have space for you." Harry smiled. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Definitely." They all said at the same time. I laughed and looked at Alex. "Well sure." She smiled. 

"See you tomorrow, then." I said, hugging each of them and walking away. "Well we met One Direction and got their number." Alex murmured, breathing heavily.

"God they're all even more attractive in person." I said. "We need to hurry up and get the hell out of here so we can fangirl because I've been keeping in a scream ever since we saw them." Alex told me. We started running to our car, and once we got in, I plugged my phone to the AUX cord and pressed shuffle on One Direction. "One Thing" started playing and I smiled. I started driving the car and screaming the lyrics with Alex. I swear I'm a perfectly safe driver, guys. 

Once we arrived to my dad's apartment complex, we parked the car and got out, still singing One Direction. We went to the elevator and up to the 22nd floor, and walked into my dad's apartment. "Dad!" I screamed. "I met my old friend, the one in One Direction, at Islands of Adventure, and his mates were there and we had such a fantastic time." I explained. "They're tremendously attractive and their personalities make them so much more attractive." Alex added. "Good thing you came to Orlando this weekend, huh?" He asked. "Yeah, thanks dad." I smiled, kissing his cheek. I was tagged on Niall's tweet that read: "Met my best friend since I was a little one today after so many years! @MissVioletLingry it was so nice to see you and @AlexGoldxo today. Made a great impression on my mates ha." with a picture of all of us. "Well we just gained a whole bunch of Twitter followers." I said, showing Alex. I got a call and I picked it up, it was Austin, my boyfriend. 

Austin: A whole bunch of your friends are telling me you meet up with Niall today.

Me: Hello to you too, love.

Austin: Why didn't you tell me?

Me: Because I literally just got back to my father's place. 

Austin: How's Niall?

Me: He's great, such a great lad. Missed him and his smile like crazy.

Austin: How about that Liam guy you always talk about when he sings?

Me: God he was such a gentleman, y'know? We get along so well and we're already pretty close friends. 

Austin: You aren't leaving me for one of them though, are you?

Me: Of course not.

Austin: Good. Love you, be safe.

Me: Love you too, handsome, you be safe too. Don't stay out too late at the pubs.

Austin: I make no promises.

Me: *gigles* Bye.

"Austin?" Alex asked. "Yup, my friends showed him the picture of us with the boys." I answered. "Of course." Alex said. "Why don't they like stick to their business." Alex added. "Because they are sticking to One Direction's business and we are the new news with them." I explained. She sighed. "True." 

"Anyways, lets go to sleep, I want to be ready to go back home tomorrow." I said. 

"How about after a snack?" Alex asked. "How about pizza?!" My dad yelled. "I'll call." He added. "Sounds great, thanks dad." I agreed. "Well looks like we're staying up later than I imagined." I said. "Pizza is the answer to everything, darling." Alex replied. "Alex is very correct." My dad agreed. I nodded and laughed.

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