No Control

Violet knew Niall since they were just little kids but she never got a chance to see him due to their opposing schedules. When Violet and her best friend, Alex, go to Orlando to visit Violet's Dad, she gets a text from Niall saying that they should join him and the boys at Orlando.


6. Baking

Violet's P.O.V.

I was baking with Alex, wearing a "Just Breathe" flowy crop tank top, half galaxy and half black high waisted shorts, sheer tights, dark purple knit waterfall cardigan, and black Dr Martens. My hair was a waterfall french braid, and I had smokey eye, and Opaque Semi Matte Purple Plum lipstick on. As well as a skull pendant, and a bag that looked like a camera that was across my body. "I have to say, you look quite stunning." Alex smiled. She on the other hand, was wearing a Skull Bow Maxi Dress, with red lips, smokey eye, and black vans. Her hair was just down, with natural waves. We were attempting to bake easy things due to us being bored and hungry. "Hey, would you be mad if I dated Niall?" She asked, flashing a smile. I threw flour at her and laughed. "Is that a no?" She added. "Why would I be mad?! Niall is handsome and the perfect guy to be your boyfriend, I ship it!" I exclaimed. "But I don't really think he likes me." She murmured, starting to make cookies from scratch. "You're obviously dumb, I should throw more dough at you." I laughed. "He likes you, trust me I can tell. He's just going to wait a while so he doesn't seem to forward. I know him too well." I added. She started blushing. "Why is he so cuuuttteeee?" She started saying in a higher voice, all love struck. "Speaking of cute." I murmured, looking at my phone and seeing a call from Liam. I picked up right away and I smiled. "Hey!" I exclaimed. 
"Helllo, love. I was just on twitter and I saw news about you and Alex. Niall and I were wondering if we could come over, if you're available of course." He replied. "Yeah, of course, we're just baking, you can come over. Would you help Alex and I bake?" I asked. "Sounds fun." He answered. "See you soon, Liam." I said. "Can't wait, see you in a few." He hung up. 

"Well, let me guess that was either Liam orrrrrr Austin." Alex smirked. "Liam." I blushed. "I ship you guys so much ugh." Alex said. "We all know you want to fuck him." She added. "Of course, of course, you're always like that." I laughed. "First, I think he's attractive and I'd date him IF I WASN'T IN A RELATIONSHIP. You know how I feel about cheating, and cheaters; remember that time I got cheated on. Second, I would also fuck him if I wasn't iN A RELATIONSHIP." I explained, emphasizing the parts where I said 'if I wasn't in a relationship'. "But we know Liam more than we know Austin. Liam would never hurt a girl, he's always a gentleman, he's extremely nice, he's very hot, his voice is adorable, his smile can light up the world, he's harmless, he puts his girlfriend's needs first, he's always in love with the person he's in a relationship in." She stated. "Your words exactly, by the way." She added. "Yes, very true. But I love Austin, and I do have a special space for Liam in my heart but he doesn't even like me like that." I fought back. I heard a knock on my door, and I opened it. "Just drop the Liam stuff now, please." I whispered. I opened the door to see Liam and Niall. I hugged Niall for a while, and then I looked at Liam and smiled. "Hey." I said. He hugged me, and whispered "hi" in my ear. After the hug, he kissed my cheek and I felt my cheeks get hot. I closed the door as they walked in and smiled. "I thought you were baking! I was expecting food that was ready." Niall pouted. "Well maybe you should help, dumbass." I laughed. "Or maybe I should go get some food and then come back to help." He smirked. "Alex, wanna come along?" He asked. "Of course, that sounds great." She answered. "But I thought we were talking about the news about Alex and I on social media?" I questioned. "I'm sure Liam will tell you." Alex winked. They walked out the door and I turned to face Liam. I laughed and continued to bake. 

"I trust that you'd actually help me?" I asked, looking at him in the eyes and half smiling. "Yeah, yeah." He answered. "You look cute in an apron, I must say." He laughed. "Where's mine?" He asked. "Why? You don't trust me with flour?" I smirked. "I do, unless you give me a reason not to." He raised an eyebrow, stepping closer. "Or do you want to take off that apron and we can do this as clean as we can." Liam suggested. "Sure." I smiled. I took off my apron and as soon as I did, we got to work. "So about the social media thing." Liam started. "We have an interview about you and Alex since you're the newest girls we've been hanging out. They're going to ask us questions about you and what's our relationship with you because it seems like we're dating kind of, and stuff like that. I just wanted to inform you about that, and to ask if you wanted to come along to see the interview live." He added. 

"Oh, yeah I totally get why they're interviewing you guys about us. I just, y'know like to be kept to myself and not on tv. But sure, I'd love to come along." I replied. He smiled and continued. "Great! And also, we're doing a video for the song 18 on Four in a month, and the guys came up with a brilliant idea to use you, Alex, and 3 other close friends to be part of the video." He explained.

"So you want me to act in it, and it'll be posted on YouTube where your fans will see." I murmured, putting my cupcakes in the oven. "I know you're shy and you have social anxiety, I'm not going to force you into anything but I think it'll be cool." He replied. "And what will I be acting as? Back up?" I asked. "Actually, you'd be acting as my girlfriend in the video." He confessed. I started to blush. "It's just acting, we'll be going on a few dates in one night, and then they'll put it in a video." He said. "Sure, why not." I replied. "Alright, I understa- Wait did you say yes?!" He exclaimed. I nodded and looked at him, smiling. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I would understand if you said no, but if you did I'd have to act like I'm having fun with random girls and it wouldn't be real." He explained. "I'll always do stuff for you, Liam. No matter what. Plus, how can I pass up going on a few f dates in one night?! Even if its fake." I smiled. 

"Have you ever made a souffle before?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. I laughed and shook my head no. "Me either." He smiled. "Are you up for the challenge?" He added. "The real question is are you ready for it. I heard it involves spoons." I laughed. He threw flour at me and I gasped. 

"And I thought you were the nice one." I shook my head, throwing back flour. "Oh it's on." He laughed. We had a flour fight, and I was winning by the way, until I sprayed him with water, making the flour squishy on him. "I liked this outfit." He laughed and pouted. "Hey, your outfit is nice, want a hug?" He asked. "Liam, don't you dare!" I laughed, running away from him. "I'll catch you, Violet." He smiled, chasing me. I slipped on water and laughed. "Oh my god are you okay?" He asked. "Yeah, yeah, help?" I answered. He gave me a hand to grab and I pulled him on me. Flipping us around so I'd be on top. "I win." I smirked. "You're still wet though." Liam laughed. I heard the door shut and Austin cleared his throat. "Sorry, am I ruining a moment?" He asked. 

Alex's P.O.V.

Niall and I started to walk to the nearest Nandos, which wasn't pretty far, and he started talking. "So I'm sure you know that our fans think we're dating, and you and Iris have been trending on Twitter for the past two days. So the media wants to know more about you and Iris. So they're interviewing us about who you guys are and where you stand with us. The boys and I wanted to know if you'd like to come along to see." He said. I nodded. "Yeah, I know about the fans and the trending. It's quite strange, just because I was with you and the boys, I get attention. You're just regular people. But yeah I'd love to go and see the interview." I smiled. He looked and smiled at me. "Beautiful." He murmured. "What?" I asked. "You're beautiful." He repeated. "You're a lot more attractive than me, but thank you, Niall." I blushed. 

"My pleasure." He replied.

"Oh, and the other thing is that we're doing a music video of the song 18 in Four, in a month or so, and we were wondering if you'd like to be in it." He added. "Fuck yeah!" I exclaimed. We arrived at Nandos and ordered. We sat down and started to eat. "So in the video, you'll be acting as my girlfriend." He explained. I almost choked on my food. "Hmm I like the sound of that, it sounds fun, it's still a yes." I smiled. In a few minutes, we were both done. "I love a girl who can eat as much as me." He said. "I love a guy who can keep up with my eating habits." I laughed. We started walking back to Violet's house and I couldn't help but stare at Niall's beauty. "I want ice cream." He murmured, and then looked at me. I stared at his eyes for a while longer and then turned away, smiling. "Me too. Violet has some ice cream at her house though." I replied. "Do my eyes deceive me or were you just staring at me?" He asked. "You have no proof." I answered. "Plus it's about to rain." I laughed, running.

In a few minutes, we were at Violet's house and we saw the door open with Austin standing there. We walked in and saw Liam and Violet on the floor, on top of each other. Austin closed the door and cleared his throat. "Sorry, am I ruining a moment?"

Violet's P.O.V.

I got off of Liam and laughed. "Stuff kinda got slippery." I said, seeing Austin, Niall, and Alex by the door. "Doesn't look that way." Austin replied. "You can see the water on the floor and on the both of us, it's not like that. I would ever try to end a relationship or steal someone's girl." He explained. "Liam isn't like that, you know that." I added. "That's very true." Niall agreed. "Yeah, Austin, they were obviously baking, and they had a flour fight and they brought water into it, and she tripped and Liam tried to help but she pulled him down." Alex explained. "How does she even know that happened?" Liam asked. "I've done that to her before." I laughed. The timer for the cupcakes rang and I took them out. "I'll just go and see you tomorrow." Austin said, leaving. I rolled my eyes and put the cupcakes on the counter. "I'm sorry, should we go?" Liam asked. "No, no, it's fine." I answered. "Lets continue cooking the souffle." I added. Alex, Niall, and Liam all baked while I cleaned the mess. Or should I say they attempted to bake. "Um, we kind of burnt these." Niall laughed. "I knew I shouldn't have trusted you with baking." I sighed. "How about we go to the bakery, get some treats, and just say we made them." Alex suggested. "Yeah! And at least we have your cupcakes." Liam added. We all got in the car and once we arrived at the bakery, we got seven of everything in the shop, and then brought them back to my place. I invited the rest of the boys, and they came as soon as they could. 

"What should we watch?" Zayn asked. "Let's watch Harry Potter!" I suggested. They all nodded and I put it on. We spent the rest of the night eating the treats and watching Harry Potter.

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