The Diary of Luna Potter

Luna Potter, Harry Potter's granddaughter heads for Hogwarts with high expectations. But they are crushed when Salazar Malfoy ( Draco Malfoy's grandson) starts spreading dark rumors about her. She find solace in the library, until she finds a book entitled Riddle Family Tree. She learns of Tom Riddle's twin sister, Della who is a thousand times more powerful then Voldemort, a million times more evil, and set on revenge.


3. On the Hogwarts Express

Rina and I settled into a compartment and started telling each other about our summers. Eventually the trolley came by and I bought some Berties Botts every flavor bean and a chocolate frog. When I ate my chocolate frog the card inside was my grandpas! I took this as a sign of good luck . After an hour had gone by a girl came by. She asked,

"Can I sit here?" "Sure!" Rina and I said. "My name's Della Weasley."

"That's cool...Wait, WHAT?! Let me explain, I'm Luna Potter and this is  Rina Chang."There was no doubt. The trio had been born.




A/N- Sorry the chapters are so short! I don't have much  imagination. I've been really busy but I'll try to add more chapters soon.

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