The Diary of Luna Potter

Luna Potter, Harry Potter's granddaughter heads for Hogwarts with high expectations. But they are crushed when Salazar Malfoy ( Draco Malfoy's grandson) starts spreading dark rumors about her. She find solace in the library, until she finds a book entitled Riddle Family Tree. She learns of Tom Riddle's twin sister, Della who is a thousand times more powerful then Voldemort, a million times more evil, and set on revenge.


5. Failed Plan

How could it not work out!? It was the most perfect, awesome, brilliant, greatest plan there ever was! Yet, I was put in Hufflepuff. I was sure I was brave, and daring, and courageous enough to be put in Gryffindor! Yet I was put in lousy Hufflepuff, where my plan cannot be followed through. How am I supposed to become most popular witch ever in these conditions!? I was seperated from Rina and Della, put in Hufflepuff, and now my plan will never work! What's a girl to do?

I'm at a terrible, horrible, excruciatingly bad place! I mean, can't I at least be with Fred? Wouldn't that be better, and greater, and at least save me from this agony? But, no. The sorting hat decided I was a Hufflepuff. Friendliest of them all. Yeah. Well now I'm lonliest of them all!

Worst if all, I bumped into this boy, Salazar Malfoy. Now, I know who the Malfoys are. Only, I was sure they had changed. They should've. Because Salzar's grandfather, he was good in the end. But Salazar is the definition of nasty and mean. Just look it up.

So... I need a plan b... I'll figure it out sometime. Right now, I have to go to bed. And let me tell you, I wish that Rina and Della were still with me.

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