The Diary of Luna Potter

Luna Potter, Harry Potter's granddaughter heads for Hogwarts with high expectations. But they are crushed when Salazar Malfoy ( Draco Malfoy's grandson) starts spreading dark rumors about her. She find solace in the library, until she finds a book entitled Riddle Family Tree. She learns of Tom Riddle's twin sister, Della who is a thousand times more powerful then Voldemort, a million times more evil, and set on revenge.


4. Arrival/The Sorting Hat

The train finally stopped. We all got off and Hagrid took all the 1st years across the Black Lake. Rina, Della and I took the same boat, trying our best to row across. We kept on talking, unable to hold our tremendous excitment. When we arrived at the entrance hall, we had to keep ourselves from running to the Great Hall. When we got there, all the 2nd-7th years were already seated and ready for the sorting. They filed through the named slowly and reached Rina.

 She sat down, and the hat yelled, "Ravenclaw!" No surprise there. More boring names until-Finally!-They announced the name that mattered.

"Potter, Luna." Everyone started murmuring and I looked at my brothers, who were still eating. Of course. This is only the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE!!!!! I sat down and felt the hat slowly be lowered on my head. I heard a voice.

"Hmm...Gryffindor, of course. Lots of spirit. Well then,...but what's this? Ah, I see. Well then, I guess it's HUFFLEPUFF!"

I smiled, then realized, WHAT?  I stood up and yelled, "This hat is defective! It must be wrong!" Mrs. McGonagall (Who is somehow still alive)Shushed me and told me to go to my house table. That was the first problem with my otherwise perfect plan. I reluctantly sat down and waited until they called the last name.

"Weasley, Della" She sat down and the Sorting Hat immediately yelled "SLYTHERIN!" Everyone gasped, but she smiled and sat down next to Salazar Malfoy. This immensely confused me, But I just sat down and finished eating.


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