Hansback and the Murder on the Train

Cases have been solved, but by who? Hansback is a secret detective. No one has ever met him. In fact, no one has ever seen him. A young man of twenty, Hansback is always ready for a mystery. Join Hansback, as he finally is recognized as a detective, but under the name of Carl Jr, as he finds himself stuck on a train, in the middle of a murder. No secreter than Hansback, is the man, only known as X. The muderer.


4. Suspicious Feelings

Hansback left the lounge after an hour of trying to read. He barely had read a page, as his detective sense was sensing something about the mystery man. He tried to ignore it, but the more he stayed around the man, the stronger it got. Hansback finally gave up trying to read, and instead went back to his compartment to think.

I wonder, he thought, if I could get to know that man. Befriend him, and get him to open up. Maybe that is the best way to go about this situation. Though, the man seems like the type to stay to himself. I must think of a better idea.

He thought and thought, but no idea reached his brain. He was almost glad when the dinner bell rang as his brain was going into overdrive, thinking about Mr. Mystery.

As Hansback sat down for dinner, he resolved to try to get the man to open up. That was easier said than done, though Hansback tried everything.

" Good day. What is you're name?"No response.

"Are you enjoying this trip Mr…?" Silence.

" I believe I saw you in the lounge earlier Mr… Am I correct?"

Suddenly, the mystery man turned to Hansback and said in a low husky voice," You haven't said a thing about you're self. Why ask about me if you won't share either?"

"Very well than. My name is," here Hansback paused. What should he say. His real name, or made one up?

 It might be better he decided, to make one up, so no one could know he was the famous mystery detective.

"My name is," he started again, when a huge crash filled the air. 

A waiter stumbled into the dinning room shrieking," There is an X on table 10's tray. Hansback looked down at the table number for his table. It was number ten. Hmm, he thought. The mystery deepens.

He glanced around to see how his table mates were reacting. The couple was staring in fast horrification at the waiter, and the mystery man was clutching his heart and moaning softly.

Hansback leaned in closer to the man, to try to here what he was moaning. 

"Have mercy! Have mercy!" the man was moaning."I am sorry I din't know! Please have mercy!"

Very strange. Hansback thought. What is he scared of? I wonder why that letter caused it. He suddenly recalled that the waiter had said,'There is an X…'. Hansback mouth suddenly dropped open. Of course. No wonder the man was so scared. The man must have done something against X, a fierce criminal that always followed through on his revenge.

Hansback pitied the man. The man must be very scared he thought. I wonder what he has done to X. Recalling a newspaper article that he had looked at last month, about X finally being free form jail, after being sent there by a man who owned a jewelry shop, Hansback wondered if this could be the man who sent him to jail. He resolved to find out, no matter what.

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