Hansback and the Murder on the Train

Cases have been solved, but by who? Hansback is a secret detective. No one has ever met him. In fact, no one has ever seen him. A young man of twenty, Hansback is always ready for a mystery. Join Hansback, as he finally is recognized as a detective, but under the name of Carl Jr, as he finds himself stuck on a train, in the middle of a murder. No secreter than Hansback, is the man, only known as X. The muderer.


6. Murder at Midnight

A lean man snuck down the train hallway. All had be quite sense eleven. No one was up to see the man sneak down the hallway. 

Ha! The man laughed. Now it is revenge time, he thought. He quietly stopped in front of compartment number ten, and grinned a horribly evil grin. He pushed open the door without a sound, and crept in. He walked over the sleeping man and watched him.

The clock steadily ticked, as he watched the man. Like Hansback, he was a prompt man and was always on time. With a longing heart, he waited until the clock struck midnight.

All it took was one quick move. The silent man reached into his pocket, drew a knife and slit the mans throat. Blood poured out everywhere, but the lean man got not one drop on him.

It was all over in a second, and the man quietly crept out with none the wiser.

The next morning Hansback was up early. He had a feeling that today he would gain an important clue about the mystery man's fright.

When the breakfast bell rang, Hansback walked slowly to the dinning hall, hoping to walk with Mr.Mystery. Not a sight of Mr.Mystery did Hansback see. He was almost the last one to arrive at the dinning room, save the man of his interest.

The couple chattered away about the train, food, and life, but Hansback was barely listening. All his thoughts were on the mystery man. The mystery man did not show up at all for breakfast.

After breakfast, Hansback made a decision to go find Mr. Mystery. He walked down to the mystery man's compartment, and nocked with three hard raps. The door swung open under his hand, and he slowly peered in. 

A gruesome sight met his eyes. The man who was the mystery was dead, his throat slit, and a bloody X was painted on the man's chest.

"The work of X!" Hansback cried,"He has struck his revenge, on another person once again, an the is on this train. There could be more murders! I must stop him!" 

With that he fled the compartment, to find a conductor, and to turn over the new pieces of the case in his mind.

There was no doubt about it; he was up against X.

Half way down the hall, Hasback stopped. "I am being stupid!" he said aloud, " Why this is a perfect time to search for clues. With no one knowing about what happened, save X, why I can look with no interruptions, and I will not be known as a detective then."

With that, Hansback turned around, and walked back to compartment number ten. He glanced around quickly, before he ducked in.

Hansback to a quick look at the body. There were no clues except for the bloody X on the man's chest. Than Hansback scanned the room. The room was perfectly made up, and there was no sign of a struggle. Hansback concluded that the man must have been murdered in his sleep.

Now Hansback walked over to the dead man's drawers and started opening them, in hopes of shedding light on the man's real identity. The only clue of importance he found in the first drawer, was a note that said, 'Remember to be on the train tomorrow.' X.

Hansback sighed. He had already knew that X was threatening this man, and all this did was confirm it. He moved on to the next drawer. Here, Hansback, once again struck out. There was nothing in the second drawer, except for clothes.

Hansback was really hoping the third, and last drawer, would shed some light on the victim's identity. He opened the drawer, and was instantly disappointed. There was nothing at all in the drawer.

With a careful glance around the room, Hansback, stopped his gaze on the man's suitcase. He was at the suitcase in two strides. He carefully opened the suitcase, careful not to get his fingerprints on anything. Pulling a handkerchief from his pocket, he held the suitcase open. Empty. Well what did he expect, anyway? 

He turned away from the suitcase. As he was closing it, he suddenly turned back. Was that a lump he saw in the bottom? 

Hasback peered closer at the suitcase. There was defiantly a bump. Slowly, Hasnback felt the bottom and the sides. He felt a small bump on the side, and pushed it. To his surprise, the bottom of the suitcase, popped up a inch. He grabbed the false bottom of the suitcase, and pulled it. It came up in his hand, and Hansback, was left staring at what he had been looking for the entire time. The man's wallet. Hansback, grabbed the wallet using his handkerchief, and opened it. There was twenty million dollars in cash, and a piece of paper, which bore the name George Tightly, 23 Pleasant St. London, England.

"Ah hah!"Hansback exclaimed to the air," I have discovered who this man was. He is George Tightly. I wonder why he was caring that much cash?

Hansback, went to return the wallet to the false bottom of the suitcase, when he saw a journal. In his first look at the hiding place, he had looked over the journal, because of his excitement at finding the wallet. 

Opening the journal, Hansback started reading. The first entry was dated June 1, 1968. This was started two months ago. I wonder why he was hiding it? He thought. The entry read:

 I have heard X is out of jail. I hope he has forgotten about me, the past twenty years.

Hansback continued reading farther through the journal.

July 10,1968

I have regularly checked with the police, but they have no clue where X has disappeared to. Maybe he has forgotten about me.

July 31,1968

​I am almost sure that X has forgotten about me. Why wait this long to get revenge on me. Oh have mercy X, please have mercy and forget.

August 1, 1968

Oh! X has not forgotten! I have received a letter in the mail today, telling me to be on the London Express tomorrow, with twenty million dollars. Oh, what shall I do? I will be broke if I give X the money. Oh! The strain of the letter, caused a attack on my heart. Sometime, when I was out cold, someone sneaked over to me, and took the letter and replaced it with a new note. This simply read: Remember to be on the train tomorrow. I have ho clue what to do. Should I turn to the police? My friends? Not go on the trip? I do not know. All I know is, X has not forgotten.

August 2,1968

I have decided to go on the train. Maybe X just wants the money as revenge. I suppose I will never know. I have hidden the money, along with this journal in my secret spot in my suitcase. May God ever protect me as I embark on a train with X.

Later Today

​I have hidden everything sucssefully. This will be the last time I write in this. I fear that X does not want the money, but revenge. If I am to die to X's hand, someone please, get X removed from  everyones life. I have hidden my will in the spot which my friends should know. A clue for them to remember is I hear a sound of music, a sound of life. George Tightly.

That was all there was. So X is on this train, thought Hansback. I wonder what will happen next, with him around...

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