Hansback and the Murder on the Train

Cases have been solved, but by who? Hansback is a secret detective. No one has ever met him. In fact, no one has ever seen him. A young man of twenty, Hansback is always ready for a mystery. Join Hansback, as he finally is recognized as a detective, but under the name of Carl Jr, as he finds himself stuck on a train, in the middle of a murder. No secreter than Hansback, is the man, only known as X. The muderer.


2. Hansback

Hansback walked along the street slowly. It was a peaceful summer day. The birds were chirping, and bee's were buzzing, in the quite London country side. Hansback sighed. It had been a long couple of weeks. Investigating a mysterious robbery, Hanscock, had little rest. He was grateful for the little peace he could have now.

That is why I never wanted my name known as a famous detective, he thought to himself. Why, this moment of peace probably won't even exist if I were well known. 

With that thought he turned down a small dirt lane, which lead to his cottage. He stopped a few feet down the lane, turned back, and walked over to his mailbox. There was one letter inside. It was a free pass to a train ride around England.

Hmm. The detective part in Hansback was instantly suspicious. Who sent him this he wondered. Could someone know who he is? He dismissed that thought with a shake of his head. No one knew who he is, no one.

As he studied the note some more, he realized this could be more peace for him. Relaxing on a train, seeing London again, and the rest of England, why this was a perfect idea. 

He nodded to himself, as he walked down his driveway. This was a grand idea. Peace, relaxing, and enjoying England. Little did he know what was to happen...


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