Rose the Witch 3/Mew mew power

(Do not read this if you have not read the first one or you will be extremly confused!!!!)
My name is Rose, not princess Rose. Just Rose. My life is changing. How? Because I have to move, move to a country where there are the Mews. Girls, 6 girls who have the ability to turn into half animal, half human. Before this all happened I found out that I was the last witch because all the other witch Boys and Girls have lost there powers because there is no evil in the world. It's all gone, poof except there's the Mews enemy, who are called 'cyniclons'.Weird name, don't you agree. But the problem is one of them is in love with me and there leader wants my necklace so he has power to own earth and all the humans DEAD! Gone, forever!


2. The last Witch

 Chapter 2: The last witch

I didn’t believe him at first but when he showed me all the witch people they had no powers or special powers all except me. I couldn’t believe it. I nodded and everyone left the apartment quietly because Alex had fallen asleep. Sean carried him to his bedroom while I got into my pyjamas. Sean knocked on my bedroom and door and came inside.

“There’s something I need to tell you something about tomorrow….Rose, what are you doing in there?” Sean asked by coming over to me. I was in my wardrobe trying to look for something. I came out and shut it. In my hands was a golden compass.Sean recognised it and told me to keep it safe.

“What is it you want to tell me?” I asked while picking up clothes and putting them in my drawer. He told me to drop everything and sit on my bed. I did that and he sat in front of me on a nearby chair.

“Rose. You’re the last witch girl. There’s one more country left on earth and it has superheroes but they are not witch girls. They are mew mews. They have to the ability to change into half animal, half human. And there bosses names are Elliot and Wesley.” He explained.

“What does this mean, Sean?” I asked. He took a deep breath and told me that I will have to move to that country. He also told me about the evil people witch were aliens and showed me photos of these aliens and the mew mews. He had one photo of them all together and introduced them. First he pointed at the leader (who was wearing pink clothes and had pink hair). Her name was Zoey. He showed me her human form.

He told me the rest of the names.

“The green one, her name is Bridget, the blue one, her name is Corina, the orange one, her name is Kiki and the purple one is Renee. Oh, I forgot about the red girl and yellow girl. The red one, her name is Ringo and the yellow one is Berry.” Sean explained. He said “pack up your things and go to bed”. I nodded at him and he left without another word. I used some magic to pack everything and it worked. I got under the blanket and rooted through the covers until I got to my pillow. I found it and lay my hard head on the soft pillow. As my eyes started to drop I dreamed of seeing all the new friends I made in the future.

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