Rose the Witch 3/Mew mew power

(Do not read this if you have not read the first one or you will be extremly confused!!!!)
My name is Rose, not princess Rose. Just Rose. My life is changing. How? Because I have to move, move to a country where there are the Mews. Girls, 6 girls who have the ability to turn into half animal, half human. Before this all happened I found out that I was the last witch because all the other witch Boys and Girls have lost there powers because there is no evil in the world. It's all gone, poof except there's the Mews enemy, who are called 'cyniclons'.Weird name, don't you agree. But the problem is one of them is in love with me and there leader wants my necklace so he has power to own earth and all the humans DEAD! Gone, forever!


3. Tears to come

Chapter 3: Tears start to come

I woke up to find a breakfast tray on my desk with my breakfast on it. I got out of bed and savaged the food. I brought the tray into the kitchen. I noticed that Bella, Anna, Alice and Annie were in the living room.

“Sean, Alex?” I shouted. Alex came running in through his bedroom door.

“Morning Rose, are you ready to move to the last country?” He asked. I nodded then frowned at him. He said to follow him out to out massive balcony. Everyone was there, crying because I was leaving but I don’t know how.

“Rose, stand back” Eoghan said. I took a step and watched as Steven C pressed buttons but for some reason my necklace glowed again and shown north and a portal appeared. I put my right hand on my necklace and I gripped tightly with my left hand witch was wrapped around the handles of my suitcase. I waved at everyone but before I was about to go through the portal Alex and Sean stopped me. They were going with me but won’t be staying with me. We walked through it and my heart sank.

When I had a good look at where we were I saw that we were in a multicoloured bedroom.

“Rose, you have new parents and they know there your there daughter but actually not. You need to have new parents because that’s just the way it goes. Oh, one more thing before you go, your new parents are normal people so you can’t tell them what you are and are not, ok?” Alex said.

They both hugged me and I couldn’t stop crying. Tears couldn’t stop streaming down my face.

“Oh one more thing again, Rose, we will be in contact with you every day, so if theirs any problems you let us know. Your new parent’s names are John and Mia and your new second name is Burke.” Sean reminded me.

I said goodbye to them, still crying. When they were gone I rooted through the room. The wall paper was Red, the wardrobe was Yellow, and the carpet was Orange, so much colours.

Then I changed into new pyjamas and put my old clothes into my wardrobe. As I lay my head down on my new bed my life changed completely......forever.

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