Rose the Witch 3/Mew mew power

(Do not read this if you have not read the first one or you will be extremly confused!!!!)
My name is Rose, not princess Rose. Just Rose. My life is changing. How? Because I have to move, move to a country where there are the Mews. Girls, 6 girls who have the ability to turn into half animal, half human. Before this all happened I found out that I was the last witch because all the other witch Boys and Girls have lost there powers because there is no evil in the world. It's all gone, poof except there's the Mews enemy, who are called 'cyniclons'.Weird name, don't you agree. But the problem is one of them is in love with me and there leader wants my necklace so he has power to own earth and all the humans DEAD! Gone, forever!


7. Being stalked by an annoying alien

Chapter 7: Being stalked by an annoying alien   

“Where did you go Rose?” Zoey asked. Renee came over and looked at me.

“I went for a walk around the park because I was bored, no offence Elliot” I answered. Kiki came over to me and gave me a big squeeze.

“She didn’t mean it, like to go missing” Bridget said.

“Everybody come down to the basement right now!” Elliot shouted. They all rushed down all except me.

“Where’s Rose?” Someone asked. Berry appeared and came over to me.

“Rose. Wesley wants you to come down too” Berry said. I went down with her until we got to where everybody was.

Wesley and Elliot wanted the girls to know what I am and that I new about the Cyniclons (aliens). They were amazed especially Zoey and Renee. Later that evening I walked with Zoey home. I said goodbye to her and continued to walk home when I heard someone laughing above me. I looked up, saw who it was and ran for it until I got to my house.

“Oh no know Dren knows where I live.” I said to myself. I told my mum I’m going back out just to get more fresh air into my lungs and she said I can go. I walked out and went to the park. I leaned against a tree, slipped and landed with a big thump.

I laid my head against the tree and started to cry. Dren was above me, hiding in the tree but fell to the ground. I moved and stood up from where I moved and started to burst out laughing.

“You should have seen your face Dren. Ha!” I said laughing. I walked away but Dren followed me. I was on my way home when I heard that laugh behind me again. I stopped, turned around, leaned to one side and laid my right hand on my hip.

“What’s you’re problem?” I asked. He said nothing so I turned around and rolled my eyes up to the sky. I continued to walk but was raised from the ground because somebody had his hands around me. We were in mid air and Dren turned me around to face him.

I flew away but he chased me. I got to my bedroom balcony and went inside. I pretended that I came from the front door so I went down stairs and opened the front door and shut it again so my mum could here me coming in.

I shouted “I’m back and I’ll be in my room” and ran up the stairs. Dren must be spying on me while I was tiding up my room. I shut the curtains, closed all the windows and got into my pyjamas.

I turned off the lights and hopped into bed. My life is getting better but then it’s getting annoyed.

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