Rose the Witch 3/Mew mew power

(Do not read this if you have not read the first one or you will be extremly confused!!!!)
My name is Rose, not princess Rose. Just Rose. My life is changing. How? Because I have to move, move to a country where there are the Mews. Girls, 6 girls who have the ability to turn into half animal, half human. Before this all happened I found out that I was the last witch because all the other witch Boys and Girls have lost there powers because there is no evil in the world. It's all gone, poof except there's the Mews enemy, who are called 'cyniclons'.Weird name, don't you agree. But the problem is one of them is in love with me and there leader wants my necklace so he has power to own earth and all the humans DEAD! Gone, forever!


8. Being kissed by Dren and other unusual things happen

Chapter 8: Being kissed by Dren and other unusual things happen

I woke up at, like, about 10, 11. I don’t know. I decided to sit on the edge of the balcony to get more tan on me. I lay there guessing the shapes of the clouds when Dren came over and gave me a massive fright so when he gave me almost a heart attack, I fell off but not to the ground, to the safe side.

“Dren, you gave me a fright. Don’t do that, please don’t do that again or I’ll do it to you” I shouted. My mum came in and said she’s going to work and will be back within two hours.

When she went I pushed Dren off the balcony but he pulled me back. I let go of him and let him fall to the ground but he disappeared and appeared behind me again. I didn’t turn around and I noticed that someone was watching us.

It was Zoey who ran into my front garden. I waved at Zoey and elbowed Dren who was behind me. Dren put his arms around me and said to Zoey “meet me on top of the building where Renee was yesterday and I’ll talk to you about something I want”.

Zoey nodded but saw Dren disappear with me. When I opened my eyes we were on the building.

“Why did you bring me here? Why? Why-“I asked but Dren hushed me. I sat on the ground and looked at my necklace. He looked at me and noticed that there was a blue gem right in the centre.What Dren didn’t know was that there was blue aqua in the gem.

“What’s that blue thing, Rose?” Dren asked by sitting beside me.

”Huh? Oh it’s-“I answered but I noticed that Zoey and the rest of the girls appeared in front of us. Dren got up, took out a fuser and someone’s spirit. He put them together, shouted “Fusion!” and this ridiculous but scary parasite appeared.

I watched as Kiki’s powers appeared and she strikes her powers at the parasite. While the girls were trying to fight the parasite I got up and hit Dren with my hand but I missed and then I was being lifted from the ground. Dren literally swept me up and took me into the air. He turned me around so I can face him and put his right hand on my hip. He out his other hand under my chin and smiled. I bet you he’s going to kiss me.

“Let’s see if you’re a better kisser then some other people I know” He shouted so everyone can here him talk stupid. He leaned into me and kissed me on the lips (yeah see I was right, in your face Alex and Sean). As I felt his warm, soft lips, I kissed him back then he let me fall to the ground but was shocked because I landed on both feet when I hit the ground. He smiled and disappeared in thin air.

Zoey used her strawberry bell on the parasite and it was destroyed. Zoey’s little fur ball named Mini Mew opened its mouth and swallowed the fuser. “Eliminated” Mini Mew said with glee. I stood there and fell onto my knees. I was speechless; I didn’t know what to say after getting kissed by a weirdo. Zoey came over and sat beside me. So did everyone else.

“Hey, would you like to sleep over in my house, Rose?”Corina asked just to break the silence. I nodded and smiled. I texted my mum that I was invited to a sleepover and she said “You can go” because Monday was a bank holiday.Kiki wanted to root through my house, just to see what it looked like while Ringo help me pack up my things. Corina texted Zoey’s sister to tell her that she’s invited too. We got into a limo outside Zoey and Alice’s house and drove to Corina’s mansion.

“WOW!” I shouted when I saw the mansion. The girls stuff was already there because they were invited earlier. Berry and Bridget ran after Kiki who was running ahead of us while the rest of us walked in.

 When we walked in we were greeted by maids who said “miss” and bowed after they said it. We had dinner; I met Corina’s grandma, met her Brother (who seamed be eyeing smirks at Renee, Berry and I) and we got to pick rooms to sleep in.

Before we went to our rooms we hung out in Corina’s bedroom. Kiki through a pillow at Alice and the two of them were chasing each other. Renee and I dressed up in Corina’s clothes and walked down a pretend catwalk. I asked everyone can we get in a photo so I can print it from my photo printer (it’s not my parents photo printer, it’s mine) and frame it in my bedroom.

They said yes. We huddled together and I took it with my camera. Then we all said good night and went to out rooms. I lay in the single bed I was sleeping in and realised that I fell out of the bed. I rubbed my poor head and noticed that I was being watched. Dren was leaning at the door, his arms were folded (as usual), staring and waiting then smiled.

I got up and brushed all the dust on me. I looked at Dren then I walked over to the window. I looked out and thought to myself “I wonder how my brothers are doing in their new life?” then Dren was standing behind me. I turned around and looked up at him.

“Dren? Why are you interested in me? I’m not that cute, am I?” I whispered.

“Oh Rose, you are so beautiful, when I first saw you, I was amazed that your not human” Dren whispered back. I frowned at him and walked over to my bed. I put the blanket back on and hopped in.

He said “see you tomorrow” and disappeared. As my eyelids closed my dreams started to race until the very next day.

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