Rose the Witch 3/Mew mew power

(Do not read this if you have not read the first one or you will be extremly confused!!!!)
My name is Rose, not princess Rose. Just Rose. My life is changing. How? Because I have to move, move to a country where there are the Mews. Girls, 6 girls who have the ability to turn into half animal, half human. Before this all happened I found out that I was the last witch because all the other witch Boys and Girls have lost there powers because there is no evil in the world. It's all gone, poof except there's the Mews enemy, who are called 'cyniclons'.Weird name, don't you agree. But the problem is one of them is in love with me and there leader wants my necklace so he has power to own earth and all the humans DEAD! Gone, forever!


4. A new beginning

Chapter 4: A new beginning

“Ding-a-ling” my alarm went off making ringing noises in my head. Then I heard a loud knock on my door. It was my new mum who was knocking on my door.

“Rose, get up out of bed, now. You have to get ready into your new uniform and go to your new school.” She called. A new school, oh yeah I forgot I had a new life and I had to go to school.

I hopped out of bed and my dad came in and handed me my new uniform. He said hurry up or you’ll be late. So I put it on and started to get really hyper.

I looked so cuteand adorable. The outfit was a dress. It was grey with long grey sleeves, there was material which was wrapped on my shoulders and tied in the front with a red and black bow. My socks came just above my knees and my shoes were red dolly shoes.

I did my hair and walked out of my bedroom door when my phone started to buzz. I went to answer it and it was Alan, Aaron, Conor, Brian and Harry. They were saying “please send us a pick of you in your new uniform!” I took a photo and sent it to them.They were buzzing all over the place.

Then I heard something break that was came from down stairs. I laid my phone on my bed and ran down the stairs. My mum dropped her glass bottle by accident and was putting it in the bin. I had my breakfast, brushed my teeth and ran out the door

I ran until I got to the lights and crossed them until I got to my school. Then I heard someone running and panting behind me.

I couldn’t see her clearly then I recognised her. It was Zoey who was running. She ran ahead of me and then stopped and turned around.

“You’re the new girl who moved to my school aren’t you?” Zoey asked. I nodded but she ran ahead of me. I got to my school eventually and went to the reception office. I told them my name and the principle showed me to my new class. Her name was Miss Buckley.

“So, Rose is it? Are you happy to be in this school?” She asked while we were walking to my new classroom. I nodded and she knocked gentle on a classroom door. Someone opened it and gave a nice smile at me. He (the teacher was a he who opened the door) told me to come in and sit beside a girl who I met the morning named Zoey.

I did that and he chatted to the principle then the bell went. It was break time and as I was about to get up boys had surrounded all around.

They were all asking me to go out with them (maybe because of my beauty) and then Zoey and her friends told them to back off.

“Hi, my name is Zoey and these are my two best friends, Megan and Mimi.” Zoey said by introducing the girls over and over until I new there names off by heart

After school Zoey invited me to her café but I said I had homework but she made me come with her. We got to a park and when I saw the café she couldn’t stop talking about it was so cute.My mum text me “to come home” so I said goodbye to Zoey.

“Thank god it’s a Friday and not a Monday “I said to myself. I got home, had my dinner and went straight to sleep.   

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