Icy Blue Eyes

I walk in as a new student. My eyes sway around the classroom. I'm frozen on these blue eyes. Icy blue eyes. Full of hatred.


3. Partners

Louis' POV

I wake up to to the ring of the bell. Today is a party for Mrs.Catrice's birthday. She's really hot. So I'm gonna woo her out! I put on my black jeans with a white T-shirt and a black suit. I polished my shoes. I gelled my hair. I went out to my Range Rover and drove to school. 


Suhani's POV

I heard it was a teachers birthday. Mrs.Catrice is throwing a party! I put on a black tank top with a cream colored cardigan and I paired it with mid knee skirt. I buttoned my see through cardigan and I spinner my flowing skirt. My daughter came up to me saying "Mum aunt Beck is not here!" Her two year old British accent made me smile. "Honey today Dara is coming!" I said and I heard the door bell ring. I escorted her out in my arms. "Mum you look really pretty!" I kissed her nose and handed her to Dara. "Bye Dara!" I hugged both of them and Dara drove away. I put on mascara and I put in pink blush with concealer and stained berry lips. I put on my black flats and then I headed out.

Louis' POV

I got to school and I think I was late. GRR! I heard heels clicking on the floor behind me and the girl ran in front of me. She bumped into me and she almost slipped but I caught her in my arms. It was Suhani. Hmph. Her fault she bumped into me. I put her on the floor and pushed her. She looked at me like I has stupid. Why do I hate her? This is why!


I walked in my house from a tired day of school. I pushed the door and there I saw my neighbor with a knife in his hand. In my parent's hearts. I saw his daughter at a little corner crying. They killed my world. 


I broke out of the flashback and went past her. To be honest she looked fucking hot. Suhani's dad is a fucking criminal and he died so she is my target. Her hair was curled and it was shiny and her lips were so... soo... Ok I should shut up now. 

Suhani's POV

I'm sick of his shit. I admit my father did a fucking stupid thing but what did I do. I speed up but my foot got sprained. I yelped. He looked at me trying to offer me a hand but I got up by myself. He took my hand and pushed my into the boys bathroom. He slammed me to the wall and his body was closing on at me. "Excuse me you don't look at me like that I was trying to fucking help your week ass ankle and you are rolling your eyes I could fuck you in here if you want." Oh wow I'm so scared. "Listen little fuck I don't give a damn you raped me because you are an insolent and guess what now you have daughter." Shit! He was about to raise his hand to smack me but when I said 'daughter' he stopped. He notices. My fast talking didn't work. "Bullshit." He said and left the bathroom. I walked up to him and said, "You just pushed your limits! Actually you did 2 years ago." I speed walked to the gym where the party was being held.

Louis' POV

Do I really have a daughter? I stopped in my tracks. Bullshit. I can't. Maybe she wants me to have some pity. We only did it once. I walk into the gym and I see girls on one side and boys on the other side. They were in a circle. Half circle girls half circle boys. I find a spot near Zayn, my friend. Catrice was in the middle of it. "Ok so we are gonna dance and you guys are gonna have dance partners chosen by this beer bottle!" Oh. It's like if one end is to a girl and one end is to the boy they're dance partners. She spun the bottle and Zayn and this girl Perrie got together. I have three other friends. Harry, Liam, and Niall. Niall got this girl named Charlie, Liam got Sophia, and Harry got Sammy. There were five more girls and five more boys. She spun the bottle and shit. Guess who my fucking partner is. Suhani. Guess what kind of dance we are doing? Romantic and seductive.

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