Icy Blue Eyes

I walk in as a new student. My eyes sway around the classroom. I'm frozen on these blue eyes. Icy blue eyes. Full of hatred.


2. My Past

Louis Tomlinson. The one who ruined my life.


Me and my friends Dara Lynn and Becky were getting ready for a fun night to the club. Becky's cousin owns it so we dont need any passes. I put on a longsleeve dress that was black. I put on black liquid liner, blush, foundation, and red lipstain. I adjust my mid knee dress and we get in the car. We take pictures. Dara gave us some drinks. I wasnt drunk. Well only a little. I felt hands on my hips. I turn around and see a beautiful pair of blue eyes. He leaned into kiss me but i shooed him off. I'm not as drunk to let a boy kiss me. When I refused he said "Every girl fucks with Louis Tomlinson. You look so sexy I could rip your clothes off right here and fuck you endlessly!" He drags my wrist. Oh no. He rips my black dress off. I have not bra on. He hungrily licks and pinch my nipples. I get a glass and break it on his head. Uh oh. That worsened it. He had blood covered hair. He took the shards of glass and took of my underwear. He cut my wrist with them. I felt like crying. He entered me without a warning. I was a virgin. He broke it at the age of 15. 

 I broke out of the flashback. "Please take a seat by Louis my dear." I go and bravely sit by him. I am not weak anymore. He got me pregnant. My daughter is at school. Her name is Louise. I know, I shouldnt of named her that but Louise is a beautiful name. I have never told this to anyone. Only Becky and Dara knows. My mum and papa died when I was born. So Dara and Becky's parents are my parents! I look at him with my bright green eyes. He is gonna get it.

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