Icy Blue Eyes

I walk in as a new student. My eyes sway around the classroom. I'm frozen on these blue eyes. Icy blue eyes. Full of hatred.


1. Frozen

Hey! My name is Suhani. You pronouce it as Soo-Ha-Knee. I'm a muslim. I'm 17 and i'm in 12th grade. I have green eyes. I know, its weird for a muslim. I get ready for school. I put on ripped jeans with a baggy shirt with polka dots. It is really hot in london. I hate being the new student. It kind of sucks. I put on winged eyeliner with hot pink lipgloss. I put on some bb cream too. I get in my car with my red purse. As i enter the classroom my teacher greets me with a firm handshake. "Students! This is our new student! Her name is Suhani Rahman!" Everybody waves hello. Must be just saying it for Mr.Walkers. I found out his name because he has a name sign. I sway my eyes across the isles of people. Nerds, jocks, preps all mixed up in a room. My eyes meet with boys who are nice. I see pervy boys who are looking at me up and down. I see nice girls and mean ones. I stop on these icy blue eyes. Eyes that ruined my life.







@/N- Erm i'm not good with movellas so i make short chaps later on i will get better. Atleast 1 like for an update plz! Or even better, a favorite :)x

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