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2. The Mall

*****time skip and she is now at the mall. Sorry just decided it would make more sense haha.. No? Alright sorry****

The mall. A definition? Hell. It's fun until you see someone you know and then the whole day is ruined because all you can do is try to avoid that person. And here I am. Hiding in a clothes rack from Zayn and his gang (kinda rhymed hehe) while they are searching for me. All I wanted was a slushie and they just HAD to show up and show they were there. So I am In a clothes rack in Sears with a Cherry Slushie. I peeped out a little. No ones here. I crawled out and started walking. Just keep your head down and walk into a girls store. I couldn't see where I was going. Only my feet. When I look up its dark and neon lights and scary faces. Something screamed in my ear and I turned and slapped it. My hand touched rubber as I realized it was a mask. I sighed in relief realizing I was in a Halloween store. Usually nerds go here because they have nice props... But we all have our shopping places. Someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around to meet green eyes. Marcel.

"Kennley"? He said. I nod my head and he smiles that cute smile with his dimples and his cute glasses and his cute nose and soft hair and I forgot where I was going with this. He hugs me.

"Marcel. It's been a while"! I say.he looks at me confused.

"We just saw each other this morning." He says and laughs. Maybe one of those ' oh jeez how cute you forgot and now your blushing and I have had a crush on you forever and I obsess over you because your beautiful' smile. Or maybe it was a 'oh my god how dumb are you haha your so stupid where's my wife and baby mama Jailee' smile. I don't know. I like the first one more.

"So Kennley um..I um... I'm going to the movies later tonight. D-Do you uh... Wanna go"? He asked. UM HELL TO THE YESS FANTABULOUS I CANT BREATHE.

"Um sure sounds great".

"Oh my god are you serious"? He asks and smiles with hope. DO I LOOK LIKE IM JOKING DO YOU REALIZE THAT WE ARE GOING TO GROW OLD AND HAVE KIDS AND THIS IS JUST ONE STEP CLOSER. But so I don't scare him off I just say


He asks for my number and tells me he'll text me the details. But he has to leave to go join Zared. I know weird name right? I am mentally screaming I can't even breathe .everyone in my mind owes me 10$ because I have been friggin waiting for this forever. Alright I'm crazy. When I walked out I started walking towards the Victoria Secret Store. Why? I want to feel special. Haha joking. It's just a place to hide.Someone grabs my wrist and turns me around, same smirk as this morning.

"Great to see each other again. Don't you think"? He said.


Sorry this isn't long guys I want to save some for the next chapter. :) vote fan etc.

Love you!

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