Just Fiction


1. just an Introduction

You know those moments when you get so caught up in a book you forget everything that's happening, where you are, even who you are? Yea, well that was me. Still is actually. It's exactly how this story began. Let me tell you the story from the start.

2 words. Jailee Robinson. Is that me? Haha no. But I hope I never do become her. Meanest girl I've ever met. She's bullied me since Pre K when I accidently got glue in her hair. Now she makes my life a living hell. When it happened she pushed me into someone. Let's just say I made it out of pre K alive, with maybe a couple bruises,scratches, and a couple broken bones.

Now I know your still wondering about my name. My name is Kinnley Glee. I am trying to walk down the hall proud, you know like the girls from the school movie things. But it didn't go well.I was pushed down. "Hey Kinnley Uhhh-Glee." Brad said holding out the U. Yes since my last name happened to be Glee everyone calls me 'Kinnley Uhh-Glee' as in to represent Ugly. I wish I could tell you that's the moment where I stood up and defended myself. But I can't. Because that's just fiction. It only happens in the stories. I mean, I don't know why these people at school hate me like this. With a couple sentences I can change the world. A couple words can lead to a revolution. But oh well. Kids these days. I picked up my books when someone touched my hand. I looked up and this gor- I mean this guy I know handed me my Science book. It wasn't a big deal..... Ok I lied it was a big deal. I've had a crush on him since we were 3. Our moms were best friends and found it cute when one day I slipped in the mud and he took off his shirt and gave it to me so I wasn't embarrassed. Well actually he did It because his mom made him but it was still cute.

"Hi Kennley. I like your hair today." He said and smiled. He pushed his glasses up. I know what your thinking. He's a nerd. Why do I care? Actually he is really cute and nice and funny and smart and did I mention he was cute? I think I did. He's getting to my head.I could feel my cheeks warm up.

"Hi Marcel". I said. I dropped my book again. I picked it up and he laughed. Not a mean laugh but more of a ' oh that was so cute and I have had a crush on you forever and I obsess over you because your beautiful'. Laugh. Maybe it was. Or It was probably more of a 'oh dude why'd you drop your book that is so lame'. And then I imagined him going and walking up to Jailee and them making out. I pushed the thought straight out of my head. What a terrible thought.

"Kennley. Kennley I have to go to class ill see you later". He says and walks away. Oh no he's going towards Jailee. NO NO NO YOU STOP WHAT YOUR DOING DONT GO OVER THERE. I yelled at him trying to use mine control. I must be good because he kept walking. I sighed with relief glad he didn't. When I got up and into the classroom I saw the person I truly despise. Zayn Malik. What has he done to me? Everything unless you think that names and marks where he beat me up is nothing. Hes dating Jailee so it's 10 times worse. He kept giving me mad glares. Not just mad, but evil. He had horns and fire and everything I swear!!! He walked over to me.

"Hey Ugly."he said and smirked.

What the...

" Jesus have you gained weight?Now your ugly AND fat". Him and everyone else started laughing. I looked in my pocket.

"Oh Zayn I can't seem to find a fuck to give." I said. I looked up at him and smiled.

"Take that back". He said leaning in.

"Or what". I said leaning in closer. Our faces were inches apart. Then we heard the clacking of our teachers heels and she ran and sat down. The teacher looked around suspiciously. She sat down and pulled out her phone. "Do whatever you want for the period since we are going on break. My job is done for 2 weeks." She said. Great. Good job school, yet again another failed attempt to give us a good education with a fake teacher. Zayn turned around and smirked. I wish I could tell you this would be a story where the ending was I end up becoming best friends with the bully and we get married blah blah blah. But that's just fiction. He got up. Don't come over here. No no NOOOOO THIS IS AGAINST HUMAN RI-

"ugly."he whispered in my ear.

"Stupid". I whispered back.

"Fat". He whispered


"Bi-" he started but I cut him off and picked up a book.

"I'm not listening so stop talking to me." I said pretending to read. He slammed my book down.And hit me in the face.

"What the hell man"! I yelled in class. Everyone turned towards Me. I smiled weakly. The teacher looked at me.

"Ms.Glee I will not tolerate that language in my class room. Go to the principals office". She said.

"But he hit me in the face"! I yelled.

"Both of you. To the principals office. Right now"! She screamed. I stood up and pushed my chair back into the place. He just slammed his out leaving it sideways. I walked out the door him close behind me. He was mad. He pushed me forward and I stumbled but didn't fall. He did it repeatedly.

"Fuck off".I said. Why doesn't he back off? It wasn't my fault he was being a jerk.

"It's all your fucking fault". He pushed me at every word.

"Zayn stop. Your just going to get in more trouble." I yelled. I walked faster. He grabbed my wrist.

"Don't tell me what to do". He said and let go. When we got in we sat down.

"Have a seat". The lady said. I'm already sitting though. She looks up at us. She laughs.

"Well if it isn't Zayn Malik. What did you do this time"? She laughs again.

"He slapped me". I said.

"Stupid bitch". He muttered.

"What was that Zayn I couldn't here you". She said. Zayn just looked at her.

"Mhm mhm yea well I'm going to send you both straight to the principals office". She said.

"But I thought we were in the principals officel". I said. Seriously what is up with this schooling system.

"Nope. Now go". She said. I sighed and so did Zayn. He whispered in my ear again.

"It's all your fault". He said.

I just glared. Talking to him would be as hard as teaching a caveman how to work a computer. Boring and hard. Actually maybe he is a caveman. I haven't decided if he's worthy enough yet. I look over and he's blank. Yes, not worthy. When we got to the principals office I looked around. It looked fancy. You know he has those ship in a bottle things. He looked up and smiled. Why? I don't even know. I mean , who smiles when someone gets in trouble? That's not cool.

"Sit down". He said. We both sat.

"I have already been informed of what has happened, therefore I am giving you both detention. Not as bad as I can be so you are lucky. Now leave my office." He said. Well, that was fast. We got up and walked out closing the door behind us.

"Your a bitch". He said as we got into the hallway.

"Buta". I replied. (Spanish for Bitch)

"Si". He said. (Yes)

"Usted es un hijo de puta fea". I said. (You are a ugly motherfucker)

"What did you say"? He said. I guess he doesn't know there's Spanish here. Also my dad had taught me but I learned that from a friend. Oops.

"Nothing." I said walking away to my locker. I opened it and was about to reach in when it was slammed. Almost got my fingers but not close enough. I knew that these lockers were evil, and just when I don't care it strikes like a cobra. Then I felt something. You know that feeling you get when you know someone's next to you. Yea that's the feeling, and it was Zayn. So it wasn't the lockers going to slam my fingers in the locker? Plot twist!!! Bum bum bummm. I always assumed he was evil. Those horns and the fire is there again. He could be the spawn of satan...you never know. I looked up at him and he stared mad at me. Oh , maybe he figured out what I said. Ok sorry. SIKE. Stupid him. Am I talking to myself? Oh. Maybe I do need help.

"Ugly. Pay attention to me". He said. I nodded and smiled on the inside. I guess he didn't figure it out.

"You are going to meet me here before school tommorrow. Do you hear me? If you are not here there will be consequences. I will be waiting." He says and then walks away. Aw what. Whyyyy what if I don't want to? Yeah. I won't. The worst he can do is... Ok I'm probably going to do it anyway. I just don't know what I'm going to do.

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