➳Burning Rebel

Dayelle Everdeen Mellark is thought as the rebel's little girl. Although she believes in her own path, Dayelle's future was written by being reaped in the Hunger Games making her parent's believe she was too harmless against others. What they didn't know was she could really let an arrow fly.


4. .

I froze in immediate shock. This couldn't be happening. My focus faded like smoke as I shot my last arrow onto the target during training. My eyes met Jaxe's green staring back at me at his trident aiming station. I turned around making my braid whip onto the jaw of my left cheek. I could still feel the tingling feeling in my mouth as I lick my mouth after I drink water.

"Keep going." A voice came back from behind my shoulder; Jaxe, of course. 

"What do you want." I stepped forward shooting the dummy's heart center. I shot an arrow pretending it was his. His hand held my shoulder making me flinch pointing the arrow towards his real heart.

"You wouldn't, would you?" 

"I don't make promises." I let this one fly through his left hand's finger's slot. "See you in the interview."

I walked away grabbing the bag of arrows traveling into a different station.




Chapter four // Part Two

"Wow! What a day!" Caesar hasn't changed since my mom was in the games. His hair still slicked back, but his wrinkles got deeper. "District One, Perish. You are quite a strategist."

"Yes, sir, I am. But, I survive only for the people in the Capitol." She began gagging up fake tears making the crowd feel sincere for her. Pfft.


"Hatchet, you are one sword stabber. Please, tell me..how..do you..feel about your girlfriend dying in that Reaping."

"Well, I do miss her, Caesar. Although, her falling into the peacekeeper's arms was not very smart of her." He chuckled sarcastically.


"Onto District Two, Clover. Knife thrower. Like mother, like daughter."

"Well, I'm a descendant. It's a part of me to seeing a victim die." Her eyes met mine backstage as she pulled her dress in reinstatement. 

"Really..Why are you re-using your mother's dress." She picked a spot of dust off my shoulder as she passed by.

"Well, I'm a descendant." I mimicked her as I rubbed my lower-eyelids. 


After a long line, it was Jaxe's turn.

"Jaxe Odair. How pleasant to see Finnick's son personally. Now tell me. The other day..we caught a glimpse at the kiss." Oh no. This was it, it was the time when the whole world would notice my embarrassment of him and me. They filmed the tape from the Capitol's security camera.

I could see Jaxe's face blush into the shade of blood. "Is it true?" Caesar curiously attached the microphone up to his mouth. 

"Well." His eyes met mine as I stood preparing backstage, behind the curtains. "It's true, Caesar. We're together." The crown went wild screaming, throwing their loose change, flinging their hats in the air, and even trying to get onstage. My jaw dropped in anger wanting to cuss and rip his throat out to quit making lies. 

After his interview was done, it was my turn.

"You know her from the rebellious, victorious family..it is the burning rebel..Dayelle Mellark!" Caesar's hand reached out for mine, so I held onto it holding the flammable gown. I smiled and the crowd turned into screaming fangirls. 

"Thank you, Caesar. It's nice to see you again." 

"She's got her mother's sweetness." The crowd laughed in delight enjoying how my death will scar them in my thoughts. "So tell me, that Jaxe thing! Whew! That was a real stick in the heart."

"You have no idea, Caesar." I laughed but an unsatisfied laugh and tilted my head. My stylist's mouth imitated me to twirl just like how Katniss did. I looked behind my shoulder and began to stand up and stroll towards Jaxe. 

I was finally face to face with him, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you." I hugged him and I felt his tux getting damp from passion and the back of my valentino braid being pat. He grabbed both my shoulders making our lips touch once again. "But I can't love you!" I pushed him back, again. "It's..hard to explain. Please, I don't want you to die."

"We can make it work. I promise, we can!" His microphone was still switched on. "I love you, please, don't leave me."

"Stop!" I whipped my arms into the air with my microphone on as well. "I don't want to love you while having to kill you! Isn't having the pressure of life hard enough?!" The curtains unraveled revealing our quarrel. We looked, he looked, Caesar looked, I ran.


Tomorrow was the day.

Tomorrow was the day I would die.

Tomorrow was the day I would die in front of my parents.

Tomorrow was the day I would die in front of my parents in the Hunger Games.

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