➳Burning Rebel

Dayelle Everdeen Mellark is thought as the rebel's little girl. Although she believes in her own path, Dayelle's future was written by being reaped in the Hunger Games making her parent's believe she was too harmless against others. What they didn't know was she could really let an arrow fly.


3. -

"How'd it go?" Jaxe met me at the door with his arms folded like how my father's were. Our eyes met but I didn't reply a single mumble. I gave a nod informing us to just go on in the corridor.

"Fine." My words splat out suddenly as I took off the irritating soles on my bleeding feet. "Do you ever just- nevermind, it's dumb." 

"Nothing is dumb. Everything is worth something." We walked past the game-makers' room, staring back at Snow's office, and past the entrance door of the snobby Capitol building. My eyes flashed in his attention at the words that was spoken clearly.

"Say that again?" My hands were shaking like a chihuahua. 

"Everything is worth something." We stopped on the steps of the entrance. "My father used to repeat that to me everyday. I thought it was useless, until he died. Those words has lots of value to me now. You wouldn't understand."

"I do understand." I replied as he began walking away. "You know you're right. I don't understand. I don't understand that everyone expects me to be just like my mom, Katniss! I also don't understand that I should stop wasting my time in life and just get killed in the bloodbath. I just don't understand, Jaxe. Thank you, for clearing that out for me." My tears shot out expecting pity, but nothing happened. I just stood there looking at my knuckles being showered with water. Suddenly, a shadow began expanding towards me. The next thing I know was a soft hand holding my cheek and a pair of lips touching mine. I began panting hard trying to push him away. It was Jaxe. 

"I'm sorry." He let go of me releasing a cloud of his breath into the cold, frosty air. "I understand that I-I-I love you." My eyes bulged in shock.

"The thing is..I don't love you." 

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