➳Burning Rebel

Dayelle Everdeen Mellark is thought as the rebel's little girl. Although she believes in her own path, Dayelle's future was written by being reaped in the Hunger Games making her parent's believe she was too harmless against others. What they didn't know was she could really let an arrow fly.


2. ♥

"Rise and shine, hun." Clayta, also know as the crazy-dressing-announcer, tore off the bed-sheets off my body revealing my garments. I moan in exhaustion and placed the pillow over my head carelessly annoyed. 

"Five more minutes." I wave my arms in the air searching for the blanket. 

"Jaxe is eating already." She exclaimed as her hands grasped her waist in anger. I replied with a careless mhm. I heard footsteps assuming it was the mentor. It was unexpectedly Jaxe's voice that made me sit up.

"If you keep lying there you're just killing daylight." A small nudge hit the bottom of my foot and the bed shook at the same time.

I  sat up as I placed the pillow over my stomach and crossed my legs to make an X. "Thanks. I needed that morning lecture." I threw on the old, leather jacket and the torn up boots. They all stared at me rather displeased, expecting me to wear something formal. "Why. I'm not seven anymore. I'm fifteen, I can wear whatever I want." I stood there in my dirty District 12 clothes in one minute, and wearing a prissy white dress in another. 

"Why do I have to wear this?" I say slouching my back and my hair up in a side braid, as usual. They pampered me with make-up, jewelry, riches, shoes, and the necklace Katniss once gave me. 

"I'm sorry you had to wear all of this. Come on, lets go change..everything to what fits you more." I smiled as my stylist, Casch, fluffed the rims of the dress. 

"What's today anyway." I told as I removed the diamond earring so that Octave would place a new pair. He replied saying it was the first annual of the individual interviews with President Snow. "Oh."

"You better please him, or you'll die in the bloodbath, No joke." Casch untangled my hair and braided it into a valentino braid instead. 

"Thank you." My dress was not only red, flamed, it reminded me of my mother. I wanted to be just like her, but more like me. 

"Good luck."


Chapter Two - Part Two

"Dayelle Mellark, District Twelve."

I walked towards the small, steel door seeing President Snow's hands entwined with the other. 

"Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark's child. How unusual." 

"Well, sorry for not being born into another famil-"

"Ms. Mellark, are you trying to under-estimate me."

"You sent me to die, what else would I do?" I replied as I brushed my skirt.

"You have a great sense of rebellion ahead of you. I see Katniss influenced you, dear."

"I learned from the best." I sarcastically chuckled.

"What is your goal in life." Snow pat his shoulders acting all regal, but not.

"I'm gonna go back home after the games." I sat down on the soft sofa in front of his desk.

"Dismissed." He replied as I already got up and left. "And I do not guarantee you will return back, Ms. Everdeen."

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