Summer Love

(My very first movella!) Kat and Kyle knew another since third grade, then they started dating once they started fith. Kyle is the schools football captin, and Kat is the cheerleading captain. It's the last day of school and now summer's starting...


2. The Last Day Of School

-Kat's POV-

I woke up, put on my pink dress knee-high dress, did my hair, put on a silver neckalace, and my diamond earings. To finish my outfit, I put on my pink and white highheels. Then I ate breakfast, and went to school.


Once I got there, I immediately walked over to the football team,     Kyle's football team.

"Hi guys," I said. They looked at me. 

"Did Kyle get here yet?" I asked, fiddling with my necklace.

"He should be by his locker," Ryder replied.

""Thanks," I replied, smiling at him.

I walked into the school, Kyle looked at me, I quickly walked over to my locker and opened it. I put my stuff in the locker. I was very disappointed in myself, why didn't I walk over there?

The bell rang, time for class! I sat down in my usual seat.

"Okay class, I hope you studied for your test!" Miss Robinson said, passing out the papers.

"You have thirty minutes."


I was finally dont, I walked up to Miss Robinson.

"I'm done, can I listin to music?"

She nodded, I sat back down and put my headphones on.

Then I decided to write a letter to Kyle:

 "Dear Kyle, 

I'm sooo sorry for trying to tell you what to do! I should of minded my own business. I ♥ sooo much! :)

Yours Truly, 

             Katy Smith" 

Once the bell rang, I slipped the note into his locker.

The rest of the day went by pretty fast. My friends and I started crying, because Maddie was moving. Like about eight minutes later I wiped my tears away, I didn't want to ruin my make up.


I stood my Kyles car, waiting for football practice to get done, yeah, I was just standing there doing nothing. Then my feet were starting to hurt, waiting for you boyfriend in highheels, don't do that...


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