Summer Love

(My very first movella!) Kat and Kyle knew another since third grade, then they started dating once they started fith. Kyle is the schools football captin, and Kat is the cheerleading captain. It's the last day of school and now summer's starting...


3. I'm Sorry...

-Kat's POV-

He saw me, just standing there, bare foot.

"What are you doing?" Kyle asked.

"I'm soo sorry... I shouldn't of said anything," I replied.


-Kyle's POV-

"I'm soo sorry... I shouldn't of said anything," she said.

"It's fine, I just overreacted," I replied, giving her a hug.

She turned that hug into a kiss, I kissed her back.

I put my arms around her waist, she ran her fingers through my hair.

We made out for about five minutes, until we heard a car honk.

It was her dad, we kissed one more time and then she had to leave.


Note From Shimmer:

Hey peeps! what do you think so far! Like I said, it's only my first novel!

I've got twitter, hit me up on there! @_SierraPaigeM_

Peace out my lovelies! 

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