Thoughts of MY life ..


2. munchkin

So why is it that younger siblings ALWAYS want what you have or want to do the same thing ? I only have a brother and he is annoying and I can't even bother thinking if I had more ... And the worst thing is that my parents think its cute that he always wants to be with my but it's actually embarrassing sometimes .. I'm getting older I want to do my own things alone not have a tiny munchkin following my every move... But I guess sometimes it's cute cause he keeps my secrets he knows the name of the boy I like he knows almost everything about me and the best thing is he keeps his mouth shut ... But when he really I mean really wants something he uses my own secrets against me .. I don't even think that is even possible !! But he does that :( but I guess he learned from the best ... Hehe ... We have nicknames for each other we make each other cry and laugh at our stupidity but I guess that what siblings do ... Sometimes when I'm mad I just start calling him bad names until he cries and then I feel like the worst person on earth but he gets over it and that's why I love him <3 ... Well he can be awkward making peoples sayings sound wrong .. If you know what I mean ... And then pushing me into boys or telling my mom I'm dating a boy whereas I'm not .. He isn't that good of a lier though he always giggles when he is trying to lie ... I blame him for the bad things I do .. I know I'm horrible .. I say mean things to him I'm like his bully .. I don't want to but I just don't know what gets to me .. He is one of the best and worst things I'm my life .. When he sees me cry he stands up for me when I loose an argument with my dad he stands up for me <3 he is like my little superhero but also sometimes the bad guy :( he likes one direction too his favorite is Zayn he says Zayn is cool I agree with him we have onedirection chats and watch their music videos or just random videos with one direction in them it's or one direction bonding time .. He doesn't think they are gay :) he thinks their music is ok :/ but not great whereas I LOVE their songs especially the midnight memories album :)

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