As long as you love me

What happens when you see your father sitting with the famous scooter Braun and Justin Bieber. Will Justin and rose be enemies or will it be love at first sight. And it is based on the as long as you love me video


4. chapter 4

Roses POV

I was surprised he came to me and kissed me, literately kissed me. I was shocked and asked him "Why would you kiss me out of a million girls who would want you?"

"Because, you aren't like other girls, you seem nice and you are beautiful, I would love for you to be mine so will you be my girlfriend?"

I was shocked I never knew that he liked me to. I obliviously said yes and then he had to leave to go back to his house. But he gave me his number and now we have been texting.

My life has been a terrible ride for so long since my mom has past away. But ever since Justin came to my life, he has made me even more happier. Once my dad knew that me and Justin were dating he did not approve of it.

But now once he didn't, my dad was starting to get really overprotective and I am really getting annoyed by it. Like I know that I am your daughter but I want to figure out things and do stuff on my own.

When Justin visited me at my house, my dad kept on spying on us. It was really awkward so now when Justin wants to come over he has to sneak out in my back yard. Thank god I have a balcony so that he can get in.

Once I started to get up from my bed to go to school my dad told me to get downstairs immediately! I went down to see my really angry father sitting in my dining room table. I sat down across from him and he started talking.

I was shocked on what he said to me. Now I don't know what to do. My life is officially quitting on me! Ugh I hate my life! And now especially hate my dad too.


Hey sorry I have not been posting! It's just been hard in school lately so plz forgive me! But here is a new chapter I will hopefully have time to update again later today! Xoxo-kaitlyn

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